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So It Begins - Day 1



Hello everyone

I've decided to make a blog through my second course of accutane journey. The main reasons for this blog is that if anyone has any advice for me and another reason is to just share my experience because i find it better to get it out of my system.

I took my first course in 2011 and my skin was good for about a year then got progressively worse and i tried EVERYTHING humanly possible from scrubs, masks, sea salt, oral antibiotics (Trimethoprim etc), sunbeds, the awful proactiv, BP, saylic acid products and so much more but have decided to have another go at Accutane because I've read that 'Two Is The Magic Number', the chance of acne coming back after each course becomes less and less and the first course got rid of my back/chest/shoulder acne so now I'm hoping the second course gets rid of my (oily) facial acne.

I found this website helpful when researching about Accutane Diet and Dosage:


I am paying for this course privately and it'll cost me around the £1500 mark so I'm focusing all my attention on the course, for instance I've read that taking pills over the course of the day is better than taking them all at once and taking the pills with 'high fat' food will make the drug more effective.

I am a 21 year old male with oily spot prone skin, i only have constant acne on my face and occasionally on my back and chest. I weigh 67kg and my private dermatologist has prescribed me with 60mg per day for my second course so i guess here goes...

Well Day 1 Update:

My face is still VERY oily with spots on my cheeks/jawline/chin and slightly on forehead. Nose is riddled with blackheads and oil. I know its early days so not really expecting much.

(I will try and upload some pictures at some point)



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I think it is awesome that you are trying accutane again. I really hope it works permanently for you as it has for so many others. I have a regimen that involves daily use of creams and pills. Only women can use my regimen:

1. 100mg spironlactone

2. Tri-Sprintec birth control

3. Cephalexin antibiotic 500mg 3x a day

4. Tretinoin

5. Benzaclin

I try not to moisturize because in spite of the label "non-comodogenic" I am convinced it clogs pores. I used it for one week after a long break. and it clogged one pore and made it really wide and red and then it healed up pretty much. It was just the one but it freaked me out man.


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Thanks hopefully this second course 'cures' me. I'm currently not moisturizing because its early days in my second course and my skins is oily enough. :(

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Cool to know, we're in the exact same boat, even starting around the same date, same dose, 2nd course, and weight, except you're a few years younger. I'll update my blog tomorrow. Keep in touch.

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