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Off For A Month Update



Hi All,

Just a follow-up. Still waiting for my new healthcare to get set up, so still waiting to get cleared for contacts again, sigh. Eyes are still not completely normal, they are not really dry or blurry but definitely a little blepharitis-y still. Found a PubMed article saying up to 60% of people experience blepharitis coming off accutane (why don't they tell you this stuff?!?!) but didn't say if it was permanent. Great.

Skin and hair oil is back 100% and had a couple of my usual PMS actives this past week :( Especially bummed that there seems to be no lasting relief from the extremely oily skin I was plagued with before. On top of that I am re-adjusting to topical retinoids so I'm also peeling, YAY. love the combo of a shiny face that is also peeling off in chunks!!

When I get in with a derm I will discuss if I can maybe try tane again but this time a low dose. I should have stuck with my instincts the first time around, but I really wanted it to WORK so I listened to my derm....

Bottom line, kids, is that I never would have been dealing with ANY of this if my idiot derm had never put me on Yasmin. Don't mess with your hormones...they don't REALLY know what they're doing, and you can definitely permanently destroy your hormonal balance by taking hormonal birth control. Not a long-term acne solution and for birth control there are so many better options like the copper IUD (the #1 most popular method in Europe where I live now, its more effective than the pill, cheaper over time, and has no hormones...)


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I just want to stand up for derms using birth control to treat acne. It works. I have been on birth control multiple periods of time in my life. I have a healthy 17yr old daughter. I am back on the pill, my long forgotten friend that clears my skin. Are you trying to get preggers?

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it works great! no disputing that it works wonders...when I was on Yasmin my skin was so nice, i worked in a place under bright unforgiving lights and strangers were always complementing my skin...those were the days! but it also nearly killed me since I developed severe migraines while on it, a warning sign of a pill-induced blood clot, and I'm also at high risk for breast cancer (mom had it) and it ups your risk. (studies are always going back and forth on that but if you actually have a family history they'll be real with you and fess up that yes, taking artificial hormones isn't great for your boobs) pre-pill i had "normal" acne--garden variety low-grade pimples every now and again. it wasn't till i went off that i developed uncontrollable cystic acne. the trade-off was simply not worth it. the pill works great as a temporary solution to acne but that's all it is, temporary--and it can make your skin so much worse after, never mind the other health consequences (increased risk of breast cancer, mood problems, inability to gain muscle tone, etc). I also lost huge amounts of hair coming off it (visible bald patches at my temples) and my derm said that was "normal and expected"... i think if they told people, "here's this pill, it will probably help your skin while you're on it but when you come off it you'll flare like crazy and lose half your hair" people would think twice! anyways, it does work great as a temp solution, and if its something you're willing to take forever and swallow the risks, then it works great but...if I could go back in time and knock those pills out of my 17-year-old-self's hands I would!

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I understand Glitz. :( I am sure you are making the right choices for your overall health. Good luck and I hope your eye heals soon.

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