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My Roaccutane Journey



Hello, I wanted to write this article in the hope that it will reassure potential Roaccutane/Accutane users that people do have positive experiences on it, despite all the negative press, which put me off the drug for so long, something I regret having seen the results it has had for me.

I have had acne for the best part of 7 years, having got it when I was about 13. It started as little bumps under the skin on my forehead and gradually became big, red spots. My acne was never sever, I know I have been lucky compared to some people, however it was persistent and there was rarely a day when I didn't have a cluster of spots on my face. This affected my confidence, however gradually it became something I got used to, however I'd still have frequent days of feeling rubbish.

I tried every skincare brand on the highstreet, specialist products and facials such as Dermalogica and every alternative treatment going; all to no avail, just leaving a huge dent in the bank balances of myself and my mum. Alongside this, I visited the doctors dozens of times and worked my way through every topical treatment, from Duac to Benzyl Peroxide, which all just left my sensitive skin red, sore and spotty. I was then put on long term Lymecycline for about 2 years, which worked on occasion, however the effects were never dramatic and never lasted long. Alongside this I tried about 5 different types of pill, which made no substantial difference. Needless to say I felt more and more infuriated by this point. I should also point out that I was eating healthily, exercising and doing everything else to banish those myths we so frequently get told by people who have no experience of persistent acne.

Eventually in early 2013, during a particularly bad breakout, we decided to use our private health insurance to get a dermatology referral and I got an appointment within 3 days. Sadly in those three days I made the mistake of researching the drug a bit more online. Needless to say what I found ranged from suicide to liver damage and I went to my appointment too scared to go on roaccutane and with the stress of my a-levels and little reassurance from the consultant, I came away with a round of erythmocyclin, which made me ill for 4 weeks as I was unable to keep any food inside me.

Another 6 months of acne rumbled around, and with my scars becoming increasingly noticeable on my cheeks, and uni coming around, I went back to the doctors and got another referral, this time under the NHS, which took 4 months. I went determined to go on roaccutane and I did. I took a longer course at a lower more gradual dosage, due to my concern about the side effects and low weight, but 7 months later my acne has completely gone and, having been on roaccutane for 2 months is yet to return. The side effects I experienced were minimal: dry skin, eyes and lips, sore muscles after exercising, but that was about it. Now I am confident in my own skin and use only a Simple face wash, toner and moisturiser, a far cry from my old facial skin care entourage.

I appreciate roaccutane doesn't work for everyone and it's side effects can be devastating but I felt the need to give it some positive press to challenge the negative, which will hopefully encourage some people to take the plunge. I certainly wish I'd done it sooner.

Good luck :)


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When did you finish the treatment? For how long have you been off it without any relapse or unexpected side effects?

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I finished it at the end of August and have not had any relapses as of yet, although my fingers are still crossed :P the only side effect I still get is that I still go red and get hot quite a lot more than I used to, but hopefully this will fade with time :)

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Well then you should wait a bit more to confirm it was, in deed, a positive experience, :) It so happens that often acne returns back within 6 months or few years, as well as, in my case, in one month. Some side effects come back later and stay for longer. I am not trying to discourage people from taking it but there should be great consideration taken weather it really worth the risk. I was the happiest for 7 months while I was on this drug but it all ended very quickly and very soon. Some people have worse side effects than I had but I lost a lot of my hair after I finished my course….feeling bold would describe me just about right. Yes it helps, but will it last…..? On the other side, several of my family members took it in the 80s and had no side effects and very lasting results. I hope your success lasts but do post after a year or two to tell us how it goes.:)

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