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Skin Update! October 25,2014~What Should I Do?



THAT's Mehhh!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Well, today was a REALLY tiring day, and it still didn't end.(1:20pm)

It all started from not sleeping the whole entire last night!!! Yup, i stayed up and now i'm supppper tired!!!!

lol. That's not the point of this blog though. So let's get to it!

Sooooo, How has everyone's month went from the last time we spoke??

<mine has been pretty weird>>

Well, still keeping up with my usual skin care routine.. you know,wash the face 2x a day and moisturize!! Yeah, that jazz..

But guess what?

I still get pimples!!


because i'm still eating chocolate! NOOO~ my power of will ran away from me. I LOVE Chocolate!! Haha.. maybe not anymore because i had so much of it the last couple of days, but chocolate is still chocolate, and i love it!!

Whatever! the most i got was prob like 11. It takes like 3 days for them to go away though, which is surprising....

And, when i pop them i put manuka honey on them and cover with band-aid. The band-aid helps the honey soak in, and the honey helps the redness go down. Btw, it's a spot treatment. Sometimes i do the whole face but only when i feel like i have toooo many pimples..

So, two days ago i had like 4 pimples in a row

(Literally;lined up) on my forhead, and i did that process^^ and the redness went down and they're almost gone!!! SO, YAYA!

After i started breaking out, i was like thinking, maybe i should start using the regimen again... but then again i don't want to look like a snake, so i just quit eating chocolate for a couple days, did the honey process and the pimples went away. So, hopefully this time i can finally go back to raw vegan, or atleast vegan, which means NO CHOCOLATE...

i'll miss my babies!! ;( But, it's worth it in the end because i'll have my perfectly clear skin!!

Anyway, so that's it for todays blog. Today is a really tiring day i must say! Like no joke! Have u ever stayed up? Why?

Well, you're prob wondering why i stayed up...

i stayed up because i was talking to koreans online...( Cuz i'm learning korean, so i have to practice) and the only way to talk to them is to stay up because of the different time zones... so, yeah. That was the second day of this week i did that... Anyway, if u have questions, ask away... and i will SEE you.........................................

LATERRRRRRR! BYe. God Bless. Have a good day!(unlike me lol )


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