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DAY 17:

I've been trying to update this blog every Sunday, but I've had a lot going on at school recently, so I just didn't have time to write a post. Anyway, it's day 17 now and I am chugging along in what so far seems to be the luckiest Accutane experience ever (knock on wood a million times, throw salt, spit, etc.). My face has remained clear since essentially the start of the whole process save for about 2-3 "pimples" (they were beyond tiny and barely noticeable and I only squeezed out the contents of them because I noticed them in a close up mirror and then couldn't turn away from the mirror without popping them...it's a problem).

My lips are dry, some days are worse than others, but all days are manageable. It is super super super+...+super important that you always have a tube of Aquaphor on you wherever you go. I apply and re-apply Aquaphor about every 1.5 hours now, sometimes more often then that even.

On top of the Aquaphor, I've been drinking lots of water. I think this helps mitigate some of the dryness, but also I'm now 99% that the Accutane makes me thirsty.

I've gotten a couple remarks about how my skin looks "really good" so I'm feeling very good about myself.

I'm going in for my second blood test within the week, so hopefully the results come back "OK" so I can proceed onwards.

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