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20 Days Off Accutane



Hi All,

I ultimately made the decision with my derm to quit accutane. The keratitis in my eye was not improving, it was only getting worse, and though it is a relatively minor condition there is a risk of permanent dry eye and associated issues, not to mention the fact that my vision was getting super-blurry out of that eye which was really freaking me out and affecting my quality of life. I also was moving internationally which would make it hard to continue anyway since I'd have to find a new doctor.

On the plus side, he said that since I'm not a teenager anymore and because I was taking a pretty high dose, it might still be effective even though it was a very short course.

About one week off my lips returned to normal (yay lipstick!)

The blurriness of my vision has resolved and I am tapering off the steroid drops. I still need to go back for a follow up to see if the keratitis has fully gone away though (they check with the yellow dye stuff and a slit lamp exam). However, as the oil glands in my eyes are kicking back in I've developed some blepharitis and a huge stye (probably brought on by long air travel) ewww.

I'm back using Atralin as a topical treatment.

Hope all you fellow 'taners are having a better time of it!

<3 glitznzits


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