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DAY 7:

Alrighty, so a week has gone by since I took my first pill, my regime this past week has been: Aczone in morning with moisturizer and Aquaphor on the lips, Accutane with dinner, Tazorac at night with moisturizer and Aquaphor on the lips (I'm going to use the topicals until the second week probably). So far everything is going smoothly. I know for some people there is an initial breakout, however, I think I've been extremely lucky (and maybe it's because I didn't have incredibly severe acne to begin with) in that my skin has (knock on wood) been looking very good--prior acne has dried up and I haven't really gotten any pimples since I've started (again, knock on wood). Initially, my face became slightly more oily, but I wasn't exactly sure if that was because of the Accutane or because of the fact that I was now applying moisturizer to my face in the morning and before I went to bed. However, at this point, I think most of the oil has gone away and now whatever minimal shine I see on my forehead is the moisturizer.

Beyond the oily skin, my lips have definitely dried out. The dryness is definitely tolerable and I just keep applying and re-applying Aquaphor every 1.5 to 2 hours pretty much. On top of that, in order to mitigate some of the dryness, I've been drinking a lot a lot of water. Now, I'm not sure of the Accutane makes me thirsty or I've just been trying to drink more because the liquids will help with the dryness, but I've definitely been drinking way more water than I ever have (I told my sister that I've just been in a perpetual state of urination since day 2).

I'm trying to not let the Accutane get in the way of my social life -- I spoke to both my dermatologist and pediatrician about drinking and weed and they both said that drinking frequently in excess is not very good, but going out once or twice a week is definitely okay. So, on day 3 I went out, drank a moderate amount and was fine. The next morning I definitely noticed a little more of a hangover than I usually get, but I think that if I'm more diligent about drinking water throughout the night, the next morning will be fine.

Anyway, I'm having good luck with this process so far and looking forward to continued, positive results!


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