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Decided To Try The Regimen Again



A little background:

-I had clear skin up until I turned 18.

-Right now i would say I have mild acne (1-5 pimples a week combination of mostly white heads and small cysts)

-I have been on the regimen last summer vacation since there would be more time spent at home.

-I started too fast using benzoyl peroxide (proactive left over) twice a day within just a week and felt that iw was working since i wasnt getting major break outs.

By week two i was experiencing redness, dry flaky skin, and a bit of crusting(probably because i started too fast) I know im not allergic because i've used proactive before for a long time and never had these reactions since i was only using a dime size the whole time i was on it.

This time I decided to start using the regimen again a month after I stopped because my left cheek and forehead have been breaking out which has never happened before.

I will try to start really slow and try to stick to it this time. I also have the AHA+ and will add that after a month.

Good luck to everyone and may we have clear skin in no time!


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Day 1

I have two small white heads(papules) and 3 under the skin pimples that are a bit red.

I washed my face with the cleanser as instructed. Air dried my face which took about 30 mins then applied a pea-size amount of benzoyl peroxide. After about 30 mins I applied the moisturizer.

My face ( just the cheeks actually) got bright red after about an hour and a half after applying the benzoyl peroxide but there was no stinging or burning.

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Woke up today with my cheeks looking bright red but I still went on with the cleanser and moisturizer of the regimen making sure i didnt get past the 12hr mark. Hopefully the redness goes down today because its monday tomorrow and i would have to go to school.

Tonight I am going to try to do a sensitive skin approach to the regimen that I found online which says that:

First 3 days- use benzoyl peroxide for 15 mins the wash off.

Days 4-6 - leave it on for 30 mins the wash off.

Days 7-9- leave it on for an hour then wash off.

Days 10-13 - leave it on for 2 hours then wash off.

Days 14 onwards- use overnight.

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