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Update! Update!




soo, I realized i never fully "Really" updated you all on my skin. you know the specifics! I'm usually short and to the point- however I want you all to know the up's and downs i've witnessed while using the topicals Tretinion and Clindamycin. if you all check out my gallery, you can visually see how my skin was prior to using these topicals, and how much its improved with them. tonight, i added two new pictures collages-be sure to check them out & leave any feedback.

for those of you who follow my blog, i'm sure you are familiar with how desperate i was for finding a solution to help control my acne and scarring. At the start of my blog back in feb 2014 I had no idea what was causing my constant breakouts. As i did more research and engaged in the resources acne.org offered, the reasons behind my breakouts became more clear. I then learned the liquid foundation I was using on a daily was clogging my pores, and the ingredients within the makeup was a trigger for acne. on top of covering my face in heavy makeup, I wasnt properly cleaning my skin. The products i was using at that present time wasn't deeply cleansing my skin. Acne.org taught me to use the proper products, and overall how to treat my acne. I LOVE THIS SITE! very helpful!!! for more background info on my journey, check out older posts.

so to get back to the topicals- I really didn't endure any side effects. my skin


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