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Chinese Medicine



I feel very confused. It seems whatever I choose is wrong. My recent visit with my naturopath left me feeling more frustrated than ever. She explained that I am eating way to much raw food. I drink smoothies for breakfast with mostly veggies not fruit. She said that according to Chinese medicine, it is very hard for the body to break down raw food. Well I started eating more cooked food and I feel that my acne has gotten way worse. I have had about 10 cysts mostly on my chin since my visit with her about a month ago. When I usually get 3-4. I just don't know. I feel like I have spent so much money seeing her and paying for meds.

I started tracking when I get cysts so maybe see if it has anything to do with my cycle. At this point I definitely added accutane on my list of possibilities but I am worried as I do not want to go on birth control again. I feel that I may try Spiro first and see where that takes me.

I tried to last a year without birth control. It will be a year this December but I don't know if I will make till then.

I feel defeated. I wish I could not care. Last night I went to Best Buy for a movie and found myself staring at the cashier's face. I was so amazed at how clear and pore-less her skin was. I find myself doing that more often. Other's peoples skin amazes me. Sometimes I wonder why I have to keep dealing with this. It has held me back from so much in life. I barely have friends bc I feel judged when I go out. I pretty much stay to myself.

Sorry for the ramble, I just don't know what to do anymore.


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Have you tried using oxy 10? Or better known as benzoyl peroxide?

I haven't tried it, but just the other day I stumbled upon a video on youtube of a guy talking about how he got rid of his horrible acne just by using BP 2.5%

I wish I'd seen that video earlier so I could give it a shot, but I already started with accutane..

Anyway, here's the link to the video:


Give it a shot, you never know, this might actually work for you. And to be honest, I think that a change in your diet only takes you so far..

Good luck! Let me know if you decide to try it out, and if it works :)

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Naturopaths can be very frustrating. Remember, they are human too and cannot magically pick what is wrong with us. I think like all doctors, they systematically go off of a probably list based on symptoms. Did your naturopath do any blood or saliva tests? All the holistic people that i've been to have never requested any tests so the next time i venture down that road i will make sure that he/she does actual medical test but treats naturally. As far as i'm concerned, muscle testing, eye exam, tongue and pulse diagnosis does not say much ( and this is only my own opinion).

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Palmina is that like Noxema? I just ordered 2.5 benzoyl. I used it as a spot treatment not all over my face. I will definitely watch that video.

Leelowe1 she did test me for candida. I apparently have a large amount of strepoucocus bacteria. I try to be patient with her but i have been asking her to test my hormones and she says that it is very rare to have a hormonal imbalance that causes acne?

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I have no idea if they're similar, I've never heard of that product haha..

Anyway don't use the benzoyl as a spot treatment, use it on the affected areas as described in that video!

Hope it works!

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What cured me is spironolactone and tri-sprintec. I hate to say it but I think birth control is unavoidable if you want to be rid of acne. :(

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My story is somewhat similar to yours... Acne since 11, tried roaccutane at 20 but it returned. At age 28 & at the height of my cystic acne (roughly 2-4 new cystic acne on a daily basis, mostly on my cheeks/chin) I gave Chinese Medicine a try.

For 3 months I did acupuncture, herbal face mask, herbal medicine, cupping (the suction thingies), I also tried what they call 'fang xue' where they poked 20-30 holes at different areas on my back and used the cup to suck out blood. I did that once-twice a week for 2 months. pain level 8.9/10, would not recommend.

The main practitioner would tell me to avoid certain types of meat e.g. chicken/lamb, spicy food etc. But then another practitioner would tell me it's ok to eat lamb. I often got mixed messages too. But 1 thing they all agreed on is like sleep earlier, stay happy, exercise more and daily poop.

After 3 months, my acne got better, but not completely gone. (still had 1-2 new ones on a daily basis).

I decided to stop treatment (because I already spent thousands of dollar for 3 months).

I started making some serious but basic lifestyle changes - no more late night sleeps (like sleeping super early at 9.30pm, waking up around 5.30-6am), daily exercise - just simple yoga stretches, drinking green tea in the morning, daily poop and I also avoided cold/raw/iced food and drinks like your Naturopath recommended.

I also start oil cleansing and moisturizing with natural oil. No acid on my face.

I think its the combination of actions that made it work. It's a slow progress (took another 3 months) but I hardly get breakouts now, only when I don't sleep early or eat too much junk food.

Everyone has different success stories and methodologies, but if you're losing hope, try going back to the basics. See if it helps!

Happy to chat more if you'd like :)

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Hi Nina, I read too that in Chinese medicine cooked foods are better because they are "warming" to your stomach, which is good for eliminating dampness. My naturopath told me I have dampness by looking at my white, swollen tongue. However, she didn't say anything bad about me eating salads and fruit everyday. (I recently started eating cooked foods instead of salads though anyway just to see if it would help.) I wonder if the reason the smoothies were fine is because they were already mechanically digested and therefore easier for your body to digest in the end? When you're eating your new cooked meals, are you taking the time to chew the food into a complete mush? Just some thoughts. Going holistic is definitely the harder route but hopefully it will pay off!

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