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Accutane Round 2: Absorica, Month 2

Hey guys! I'm a 20 year old female, 5'4'' and 115 pounds. This is my second round on accutane. I was only on it for three months last time until I had to stop because I couldn't afford it anymore. Last round I was taking Claravis and it cleared my face up really fast without any initial breakouts at all. Now that I can afford it again, I'm on accutane for a second round because it came back a little more severe but still moderate. I started Absorica on July 29, 2014 at 20mg. I'm currently at 40mg and have an appointment with my dermatologist next week.

My concerns are whether Absorica is helpful. It's better absorbed and all of that, but I'm only getting worse, not better. It seems as if this initial breakout is going on way longer than necessary. If Absorica is absorbed so much better than the rest of the brands, how come I'm not seeing results faster? The side effects are apparent but I'm dealing with them just fine.

However, I must say my back is amazingly clear. Which is great and all, but my back wasn't bad to begin with and it wasn't my main concern.

I would love to hear some responses about Absorica and how long it took for it to work in your experience. I will mention my concerns to my dermatologist anyway, but I still think it's very helpful if I start blogging about my progress. I'd love some encouragement (wouldn't we all!) and any products that I should try out while on Absorica as well. Thanks guys!


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