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Updates. Skincare Routine. Brighten Your Skin. 8 Months With Acne.org




It's been 8 months with Acne.org and i'm impressed.

For this past month i've been washing and moisturizing my face. That's it.

That's how you manage to keep up with clear skin.

So, for these past few weeks, i've been getting 2-3 pimples. It all started from eating JUNK!!!

I'm still vegetarian, but not vegan. Non vegan means expect breakouts. I started eating cheese again, and chocolate. And a bunch of bad food.

I really have a reaction from eating dairy. It's an obvious one. I breakout. Not major but it's still a couple pimples.

Tomorrow, (14.9.26) i'm RESTARTING MY DIET, which means fruits and vegetables. Brown rice 2x a month.

Really guys, if you think i'm joking about diet effecting the skin, then you're wrong. Because i'm 100% sure that diet is 80% of your skin care results.

Don't just think that using a product will clear your face. Trust me. I've been through this.

I've been eating chocolate for 3 days in-a-row now and it's bad... haha, no MORE CHOCOLATE!

So, my skin care routine is, Aveeno skin brightening daily face wash and Aveeno Moisturizer.

The face wash i use brightens your skin, that people think i'm pale. (which i am because...).

This face wash is seriously amazing because it brightens the face and has little micro beads that really wash out the pores. It's amazing for keeping the clear face.

So, I haven't used the regimen for more than a month now and just using my skin care routine. I'm still very skeptical of using foundations or tinted moisturizers, or stuff to cover my scars because it feels very heavy on my face and i feel like it will cause me to break out. So, i don't use makeup.

So!! In conclusion. Who wants to see my beautiful face??

lol :) here it is! :)(Me eating my last bite of chocolate) lol :)

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this boring post; or if i helped any of you. Please comment, ask questions. Feel free to do whatever. I'll see you LATER! bye! GOD BLESS! :)


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