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Two Weeks In..



It has been just shy of two weeks since beginning the regimen, and in that time my monthly hormonal-havoc wreaking visitor stopped by.

And I got.... wait for it....

One, lonely, small pimple.

Today, I have one mini pimple on my chin, and otherwise, I am CLEAR!

I started putting JO on before BP to help settle my face down a touch and relieve some dryness. It wasn't as bad as I think some people get it... but too dry to do anything like put makeup on. The BP doesn't seem bothered by it, I think it's working just fine with the layer or light moisture under it.

While I was on "vacation" for a family reunion in the cold mountains (I live in the desert... cold is hard for me) I took an unusually hot shower one morning. As I was washing my face, TONS of dry skin just started to fall off. When I got out of the shower, my skin was practically normal.

Weirdest thing ever?

I did it again the next morning..... hot water exfoliation. I could wear makeup after that!!!

I have some lingering dry areas on the very sides of my face, my neck (how?!), my temples and a bit slightly under my eyes where the line of BP usually stops. Other than that, I'm doing really well. I have no doubt that will clear up as well in no time.

Not only that, my acne pigmentation is lightening up CONSIDERABLY. I almost look human!

I also take a vitamin regimen to regulate my hormones, and I think that is helping as well. In fact, since starting my nutritional approach to hormone maintenance my cycle has shortened and was CONSIDERABLY lighter than usual.

I take a multi for women that has a touch of Vitex, and a slightly higher dose of zinc, omega 3's and inositol. I think these are helping considerably as well.

Last night I forewent the AHA and will give it a break for a day or two, and then trying AHA straight without moisturizer every couple days instead. See if that makes a change in anything instead of a small amount nightly. We'll see...

But overall, so far so GOOD!


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