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My Dermatologist Visit



So today I went to the dermatologist.I broke down in front of her which is weird because I hate crying in front of people. I talked to her about how my acne is getting worse and how my regimen doesn't seem to be working. I've been on doryx 200mg daily, aczone every morning, epiduo in the night, and birth control ortho tri cyclen lo. I just started the bc 3 weeks ago so I don't expect it to be working yet but I have been on the other medications for about 5 months now and my face is worse than when I started. Today my dermatologist prescribed me azithromycin 500mg. I'm supposed to take it 3 times a week. This is the generic version of a zpack. I don't know if this medication will work. I've read reviews and the clinical trial and it seems like it has a great chance of working but everybody is different so I have no guaranteed results. Has anyone taken these? If so, did they help? Again I know azithromycin affects people differently but I just want to know other peoples experiences with these pills.

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zpak is just slang term for azithromycin since it's commonly dispensed in packs of 6 tablets with the typical instructions of taking 2 tablets by mouth stat, then 1 tablet daily thereafter. azithromycin is the generic. brand name is zithromax.

the only times I've been prescribed a zpak was when I was sick with a cough. zpaks in my experience have been prescribed typically for bacterial infections. it can be used for skin infections so perhaps you may see results? it's the standard antibiotic written by prescribers since it usually does the trick for your run-of-the-mill infections.

TL;DR - zpaks cured my cough and I don't recall it helping my acne at the time

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