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Coconut Oil And Probiotics



I've started upping my intake of coconut oil (ie. eating it off the spoon). I'm not complaining because it tastes scrumptious to me! I heard that it's good for getting rid of bad bacteria and yeast in your body. I've read mixed opinions online as to whether it only kills bad things or both good and bad, so I'm taking a multi-strain probiotic just in case.

The main reason I'm dong this is to see if my skin would benefit from helping my digestive system after I was bad with antibiotics. I have a feeling something is wrong because even though I appear perfectly healthy (apart from the disease that is called acne ravaging my face), I started getting 'uncomfortable feelings' -- that is all I will say about it -- near the end of taking trimethoprim. This continued after I stopped taking it, to the point where I had to visit the washroom ten times in the span of two hours once, even though I hadn't eaten in over 36 hours (sorry for that!!).

I also started being intolerant to foods like bananas and peanut butter even though I've been eating them my whole life. What's interesting is that foods like these are known in traditional Chinese medicine to cause dampness in your body. And I just happened to read that dampness can present with oozing skin conditions and a thick white-coated tongue, both of which I have (OMG DON'T YOU JUST WANT TO KISS ME RIGHT NOW). Unfortunately, I also read that dampness is extremely hard to get rid of, so I might have to stay on my elimination diet for more than just a few months. Here's to hating my life over Thanksgiving and Halloween yay!

After consistently eating coconut oil and taking probiotics I started to feel like I was getting sick: swollen throat with lots of mucus (sorry again!), slightly runny nose, alternating periods of being chilly and feverish. I still feel this way but I haven't actually gotten full-on sick yet, so I'm hoping this is just my immune system being activated by dead thing remnants in my body aka "die-off". I'm not an expert though!

I'm also technically violating my diet because the probiotics have corn starch in them, but I'm hoping the benefits outweigh the risks.

I don't think anything's really happened skin-wise except maybe a small initial breakout of little pustules. But, I've only been doing this for less than a week so that's not nearly enough time to judge. My chin is gross as usual!


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