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Dietary Changes



I've been eating an anti-inflammatory diet for over a month now. This means no gluten, soy, peanuts, dairy, red meat, eggs, citrus (excluding lemons), corn, tomatoes, sugar, bananas, strawberries, and peppers. Definitely no refined foods.

I've also been formally tested for sensitivities, and only dairy, sugar, pork, beef, and random things like MSG and grapes came up. These have been cut out of my diet for even longer.

At first I thought my skin was improving, especially my chin, but then it flared up again. It always starts out as several red papules, then they form a white head (or seven?!?!?) that comes back even if I extract it.

The upside is that I think my face is getting less oily. Instead of it being shiny all over, I can see these tiny oil droplets on my pores. It is quite flaky though, but this might be because I started toning with ACV and eating a ton of carrots and sweet potatoes (for my eyes). My eyes are also doing quite well...knock on wood!

I'm feeling quite discouraged because it's tough eating such a strict diet and seeing no improvements in your acne. Meanwhile, I have to watch everyone else eat donuts and cake and five junior chickens and still have clear skin. WHAT IS LIFE.

This is what my skin looks like today:



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