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Finding The Regimen, And 1 Week In.



I became well versed in BP during my first stint in the acne world. I knew it worked for me.

I first tried the AcneFree kit- which is a BP wash and then a 10% BP cream (that doesn't rub in worth a penny).

It *KIND OF* helped, but not really.

Then I went back to my old BP wash from the old acne days. *KIND OF* helped.

Then, I found Acne.org by chance. I read, I read, and I read.

Then I ordered.

While I waited for my box to arrive, I implemented the principals of the Regimen with the products I had. I saw huge improvement.

When the products arrived, I washed my face immediately (it was noon).

I really enjoy the texture of everything- rubs in very nicely. It can get a little goopy and flaky if I get a little excited about the moisturizer.... but hey. I'm at home, who cares.

Because I am very familiar with both glycolic and am a longtime user of BP, I may or may not have (may have) started using the AHA+ on the second day. Mixed in the moisturizer...

And while I don't use a full "finger length", I'm not super shy with the BP either.

But within just a few DAYS- the pimples I had left are dry as a bone and sinking flush with my skin. As I type, I have one active cyst and one that is drying up. The others have been reduced to red marks.

That's it...

The skin that isn't scarred or speckled with the couple lingerers, looks beautiful. Radiant, even. My forehead, temples, under my eyes.... bright and youthful. I have high hopes for the rest when the scarring slips away...


My face has patches that rival Death Valley.

Flakiness is to be anticipated. Dryness, to be expected. But dude....... I shouldn't be choosing food based on how far I can open my mouth today.

It's getting.... somewhat.... better. I have a family reunion later this week and will probably be rolling in sans makeup looking like I'm 16. Yeah, that's right... I'll be rocking the desert face and acne scars.

BUT overall, I am pleased. I know this will pass.

.........I'll keep you posted on when that actually happens.


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yay! I'm glad you're seeing results. As for the dryness, I had the same experience. I literally slathered my face with a super duper heavy moisturizing cream every night before bed until my skin began to tolerate the BP on its own.

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