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Happy To Say, My Hormonal Mild Acne Is Gone! :d



I am so ecstatic right now. I went on DIM Detox 3 weeks ago. It helps regulate your hormones and blocks the androgens which contribute to hormonal acne. It is completely natural and safe. I can't believe how well it's worked for me again.

I stopped taking it because I was pregnant but after deep research and consultations with my doctor and midwife as well as the manufacturer of the product, I was advised that it was safe to take half the minimum dosage for a few months.

It's been over 1 week since I had a new pimple and over 2 weeks since a major breakout. My skin is so clear and all I have to do now is fade the tiny pinkish spots the pimples left. I am so grateful my acne can be cured. Even my boyfriend mentioned how clear my skin is. He is used to seeing me with perfect skin and a few weeks ago he commented on how many pimples I had. It made me feel so self conscious and insecure. I tried to ignore his comment, but it hit hard. I didn't think other people noticed it that much.

However, after 3 weeks my skin is almost back to normal, as long as I can get rid of the post-acne marks. I have been toning my skin a few times daily in order to shrink the pores which is my main mission now. If my pores are small and closed it is very hard for bacteria to break through and clog the pores and in turn cause acne. It seems to be working. I also have been moisturizing to make sure my skin does not remain oily as you know, oily skin can cause breakouts.

Another thing I've been doing is putting Clearasil treatment on my entire t-zone nightly, even if there are no new pimples. I use the one with Sulfur Recortisol. This stuff is seriously AMAZING! It shrunk the pimples so fast when I was breaking out and now if I see a tiny bump, I put it on and in the morning it's gone! During the day I use burts bees blemish stick on the t-zone since it's great to wear under makeup. It dries up any remaining blemishes and I also find it helps fade the acne marks.

Skin usually regenerates after 30 days. In a month my skin should be clearer as the new skin cells surface and damage is repaired to the old ones. It also helps to take Vitamin E, Zinc, Vitamin A and D supplements. These are the fighters in acne. Usually if you have a deficiency in these vitamins, you'll tend to suffer from breakouts. Vitamin E also speeds up the skins healing process and it's best to eat super healthy to ensure your body can fight bacteria and free radicals which can cause acne. I also make sure I keep myself hydrated and drink tons of water. It flushes the body of toxins and helps to maintain clear skin.

What a difference I've seen in myself. I've gained back my confidence, I'm happier, I feel like going outside now lol. Before, I literally had to force myself to go places with my kids. Now I want to go for a walk, to the park, out shopping - every day!

Hopefully after I stop the DIM, it was enough to have balanced my hormones and then I'll just stick with my regular skin care routine. Being pregnant and breastfeeding also halts my period, so thankfully there will be no menstrual induced breakouts!

After this child as well, I am having my uterus removed as we've decided to only have three children and it will eliminate my risk for developing another ovarian cyst or cancer and I won't be able to get pregnant or have a menstrual cycle for the remainder of my life - which I am really excited for. After removing the uterus the body stops producing the hormones usually associated with breakouts around the menstrual cycle and completely balances the body's hormones. This should in turn leave me acne free the rest of my life.

While I don't recommend this procedure to everyone, it is obviously a very serious decision and should only be used when ready and if advised by a doctor. As for me, I am done having children and there is a high risk of cancer in my family. I also had surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst so in the end, removing my uterus will greatly benefit me and eliminate those deadly risks. I also know two people who have had their uterus' removed and after the operation, their acne-prone skin became COMPLETELY clear and they now live acne-free and have beautiful flawless skin, that is also because they suffered from hormonal acne as well. However, their uterus' had to be removed due to cancer and the other was for a puitutary gland problem.

While some people may find it harder to cure their acne due to it's severity, I am so sorry for those people and I really hope you get yours under control! For the ones with mild to moderate hormonal acne, I have found my cure for it, so there IS hope! My cell is dead right now, but later on I'll take a picture of my skin to show how well it's improved :)

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LeksiBabi, is it possible that the acne hormones could still come from your adrenals after your uterus is removed? They also produce androgens.

Did any of the people you know who had the procedure have cystic acne?

What toner do you use? What brand is the sulphur cortisol spot treatment?


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