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I'm Gon' Die!



Not really, but I felt like it last night (more details later).

1 Month Survived!

I'm about 2 days from my 1 month anniversary of starting Accutane, and it's a good time to summarize my progress up to now.

Overall, my experience with the pill has been amazing. None of its side effects are anything more than a nuisance, and if they don't get any worse on higher dosage next month, I can probably live with this.

Week 1:

I expected to experience nothing, and, sure enough, I did. However, about 3 or 4 days into treatment, my lips began to feel dry, and by the end of the week, oil production throughout my entire face was noticeably small compared to how it has been my entire life.

Week 2:

I became inflicted with the itchy scalp syndrome along with what I thought was hair loss from BCP. I was not happy about this. Luckily, this symptom disappeared by the start of week 3.

Week 3:

Half way through week 3, I BELIEVE my IB period began. I'm not really sure. Because I'm on Accutane, I stopped freaking out about breakouts so much just because I know it will get better. I'm more focused on studying for the Graduate Requirement Exam (GRE) and enjoying life right now.

Week 4:

IB period continues and has yet to subside. Again, I don't care much. I noticed that my pimples (though still cystic and painful), generally surface and disappear faster than they used to. I used to get pimples that would literally infest my face for months. Some would go dormant and then erupt again at the same place like some strange volcano. This doesn't happen anymore. Also, because my face is dry as opposed to oily, the pimples seem... flatter... and not as angry.

My face probably has MORE hyperpigmentation now than before I started the pill, but I'm looking forward to the progress I'll (hopefully) be making in the months to come. By the way, I've already gone though .35FL Oz of Aquaphor Lip Balm. I can't live an hour without that thing, literally. It's my life support, my oxygen supply. My everythingg...

Back to my story...

So yea... last night I thought I was going to die. Why?

I was outside the house at night for less than an hour, and, within that time period, I was bit by a mosquito 5 times. 5 freaking times. How dare you, mosquito. HOW DARE YOU. I've always been attractive to those blood sucking demons, and I've always been VERY sensitive to their bites. There would be times where I get a bite that would grow to the size of a baseball, turn some ugly greenish/purple color, and last for weeks, scarring me for half a year to come. Since Accutane messes with my normal healing process, I'm really afraid of what's going to happen to me the next couple weeks/months.

To make matters worse, I came home to a mosquito hiding in my bathroom and somehow received 4 more bites while brushing my teeth. I HAVE A TOTAL OF 9 MOSQUITO BITES spread throughout my body right now. I'm GON' DIE!

In a desperate attempt to prevent a horrific nightmare from happening, I've been religiously applying the Tea Tree Oil I initially bought for acne half a year ago all over the bites. Maybe they'll go away quickly this time. Let us (me) hope. T___T

To the mosquitoes who decided to feed off me: I hope you enjoyed my Accutane poisoned blood, you suckers. I hope that Vitamin A overdose gives you beautiful, deformed bug children. You and your families can go die a slow, painful death! Good day.

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