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Month 2 Day 10--Dry Eyes Ugh



I'm experiencing kind of a mini version of the initial dryness craziness from month 1, due to the upped dosage. Lips, upper lip, and chin are all peeling, but not nearly as bad as the first time around. However, I am really stressed out about my eyes--they are sooo dry and the vision in my right eye has become blurry. I went to the optometrist and she said the blurriness is caused by mild keratitis on that eye due to it being dry from the accutane and told me to use OTC eye drops 4x a day and an OTC eye gel and night, and that I should see improvement in a week. Maybe I'm just being impatient but its been 4 days and my vision is still blurred in that eye and it's really freaking me out. I know its a minor condition but i'm a worrywart and i'm afraid that worst-case scenario my eyes are dry forever from damage to the meiobian glands or, less bad but still really disappointing, that i'll have to stop the accutane and all will have been for naught. or both. *sigh* Maybe if it doesn't clear up I can dry a reduced dosage, like 20-30 mgs.

wish me luck!



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Good luck! Be patient the eye thing will sort itself out as long as you use the medications. Give it two weeks maybe? Anyhow, I hope this turns around for ya! Peace

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Interesting to read your post. I just started to get really dry eyes! My eyes (esp the right) are insanely dry and irritated. I'm on my last month, but the dry eyes are somewhat scary...

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hey runner! they're still pretty dry and right eye is still blurred a bit. it seemed to be turning around on Sunday, but then Monday it was back to square one...today is a bit better. I think I got dehydrated on Sunday and undid my progress with the drops, and I also think I didn't get the night gel in my eye all the way (its basically putting vaseline in your eye which is easier said than done). I recently discovered Genteal severe dry eye gel which I think is helping... it is a bit stingy and blurry for a couple of minutes but it really lasts and protects the eye. I will keep updating! how are yours?

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