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6Th Week Of Spironolactone



So far I have not seen any significant changes. I had two periods technically though, which wasn't too abnormal. I'm due for one any time soon. My skin is less oily, kind of, and my skin is only getting about 5 pimples instead of 8. My hair doesn't appear to be falling out as much either. My body also seems to be slowing down by roughly about 10% maybe? Or it's just me? Who knows, but so far everything is the same but decently better.

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Can I make a reccomendation? Add Ortho-Tri-cyclen, or tri-nessa or tri-sprintec (generic equivalent of Ortho Tri-cyclen or the YAZ.

Personally, I don't break out anymore since I added Tri-Sprintec to my treatment regimen. I am also on spironolactone 100mg a day. I have a great dermatologist and I'm sure you do too. However, I read a journal article online that stated that with spironolactone by itself, 66% of women saw skin clearance. When you add a birth control pill which is FDA approved to treat acne, like Yaz or Ortho Tri-cyclen, 85% of women see skin clearance.

See: http://acne.about.com/od/acnetreatments/a/spironolactone.htm

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