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Photo Update On Indented Scar



About 9-11 months ago I had some very sad indented scars - angry and red, and they were visibly indented. I still have shallow scars, but they improve every day, and although it might be impossible, I have a feeling that they will more or less be invisible in a year or so, when all of the redness is gone, and hopefully when tretinoin has improved the texture and collagen production. Anyway, I just wanted to show how my deepest scar in the middle of my cheek has improved in under a year. Mind, this has nothing to do with tretinoin, maybe the differin I used, but I think mainly time has made it better (I only started using 0.5% tretinoin 2 months ago). I think there is a lot of improvement! And hopefully it will encourage others to not lose hope and continue their treatments. I am still confused about the rest of my scars, and I hope they also will improve. But could anyone tell me (or at least give me some hope) that shallow scars possibly can improve even after it's been 12 months? Especially when they still have some redness to them and tretinoin is being used?

PS: It's the long horizontal scar on the upper part of my cheek I'm talking about. I have no idea what kind of scar it is, but it happened when I had a huge cyst (basically the only cyst I've had I think?), and I gently pushed at the middle of the scary thing, and all the nasty stuff came out of a little pore and the whole area just sunk down more and more each day. I believe this might be what happens when a cortisone injection leaves an indent.?


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Your skin looks amazing...those scars are dissappearing. I use tretinoin too and I know it has helped.

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That's great, I have had a lot of success with differin keeping my skin clear, along with birth control, and helping with my scarring. Time does really help as well. I hope things continue to get better :)

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