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Month 2 Day 5



A few updates in the past almost-week:

1) My derm upped me to 50mgs a day. This will probably be my max. I weigh exactly 50kgs (110lbs), so that's a perfect 1mg/kg dose.

2) I learnt my lesson bigtime about accutane and alcohol!!! I had had quite a bit of wine on a trip to wine country a little over a week into my course with no ill effects, but was still staying off the sauce to be safe as a general rule. I went out for what I thought would be one or two drinks with friends saturday and ended up having more like 5-6 (not something I do often, but I certainly have had hard-partying nights before 'tane with not much consequence) and had the WORST hangover of my life...I will not be having another drop while taking this stuff! I think it just wasn't fully into my system yet when I drank the first time. I literally couldn't even sit up in bed till 2pm....ughhh. AND I was afraid of hurting my liver more so I couldn't even have my usual cure of alka-seltzer and a greasy meal...

3) My blood came back ok! I started off with slightly high cholesterol (not sure why...maybe something I ate the day before the test, since I'm pretty fit and usually have very low cholesterol) but it came back normal this time. I switched from eating eggs for breakfast to whole grain old-school oatmeal, which I'm guessing helped. I hope I didn't fuck up my liver saturday though...it def felt like it.

4) The crazy-clogged pore thing is so much better! I think it was all the yuck getting pushed out of my pores. My nose looks so clean! I still have a few blackheads on the sides but they are getting better by the day and I hope it stays that way! So don't freak out if you get the clogged pore thing. I was afraid they'd all explode.

5) My chest and back are amazingly clear! I hadn't even really noticed that I had so many clogged pores there. I just thought I had rough-textured skin. I did get small papules and the occassional really bad back/shoulder cyst but it wasn't a huge concern of mine...but it is SOOO NICE. I can't stop touching my skin there, its so smooth.

tah tah for now!


Beautiful...I am glad I have lived long enough to see gay and lesbian marriage legalized! Love is spiritual and divine! I hope to find love one day also. I wish you the best with your wife and any children you may later reproduce. Peace sister.

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