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Day 2/3/4!



Hi so did not post on day 2 as I was bad and scratched off some scabs that I had healing and even though I didn't let it get me down like I normally do, I still couldn't come on here and admit I didn't make 2 days :( I just told myself I didn't make any new marks just hurt some old ones, and tried to not let it get me depressed as I normally go into a week low after hurting my face. I feel good for not letting it totally get to me and am trying to stay in a positive mood :)

Yesterday I had a lovely long bath and did a face mask and pampered myself a bit and felt a bit better :) I was good and back on track, today I have also been good, I had a chilled no make up day and relaxed and got a friend to hang out with me while I washed my face this evening and feeling good :) I stayed away from the little stand mirror I always use to examine my face I put it in a wardrobe so I couldn't be tempted to start looking at my face.

Anyway that's about it for now marks I picked off starting to go down again now and healing well got to leave them alone! Will promise to write back tomorrow good or bad! hope everyone is well :) x


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Hi I don't actually have acne, I just have a big issue with picking at my skin, I pick at tiny spots I don't get a lot, not acne and their tiny and go very quickly on there own, I pick at tiny pores as well if I see them in the mirror, all the marks I have are from where I have picked things that are pretty much non existent but now there red scars because I dig my nails in. Then I start picking the scabs as well, I only use simple foaming cleanser in morning and night, moisturise with olay fluid and exfoliate twice week with st ives apricot scrub and very rarely use a mudd face mask, these keep my skin fine, obviously I get a few spots from time to time but that's normal, i have used washes, oils that have meant to be for red scars but im so pale nothing seems to work, they just fade very slowly over time. Do you ever pick at skin? Take care x :)

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