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Day 1!



Hi all just checking in on day one and have managed to stay clear of hurting my skin :) good way to start, did have a quick look in mirror just before washing my face but managed to tear myself away, also washed my face on my own and was going to get a friend to wait with me so pleased about that too :)

Have quite a few scabs at the mo from picking my skin the night before so this is when I feel my weakest and usally stare at my skin and am more likely to pick more hoping by week two, if I can make it, that the scabs start to heal and I see a bit of progress to boost me for the next two weeks :)

Feeling a lot more positive about this than previous attempts even though my face is in quite a bad way finding writing this and a few other rules im sticking to helpful :) I will continue to hide mirror and do all I can to take my mind off worrying about my face (hobbies etc) and wash my make up off as soon as I am home so it feels fresher. Also giving myself a two week no stress time which basically means I haven't planned anything socially other than work so both weekends and evenings im free to just chill and be make up free to boost things :) Hopefully tomorrow will be just as positive and will try to keep positivity in my head as I find trying to stop so draining if I let it get to me x

Take care x


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