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When The Going Gets Tough....



It's pretty much a guarantee in life that we will face challenges. Some will be temporary and some will be life long. Acne is my life long challenge and right now, it is tough. At fist, it was just confined to one side of my mouth and then it spread to the other side. It went up to my lips and down to my chin. Now I have it on my cheeks, nose and forehead. It's lumpy, red, puss filled and just so embarrassing. For a brief moment i was thinking of covering it up with makeup but what would that solve? I have begun a new holistic treatment and already in my mind i have set it to fail. God says to have faith and I am struggling with that in the face of what is happening to me. In my own strength I feel weak and pathetic but my God is strong for the both of us. I know the next few months are going to test my faith, health and acne wise and I know i'll need to lean hard on him. Tonight, as i write this, my face is a mess and I feel incredibly sad about it. Questions of why me are swarming in my head and thoughts of giving up intermix with these. I am feeling challenged at the moment and could appreciate some words of comfort/


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No problem. I know you're just trying to help. Birth control reeked havoc on my body and due to all the other health issues I have, long term meds are not an option for me (which is why I had opted for accutane in the past and wanted to do another round before I decided to try TCM.

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It might sound harsh but we deserve what we get in this life. Also, we are able to overcome the challenges we are given. The journey is more important than destination… find, a way out. Be creative:) Thanks to acne, I had it that bad, I could not go out and socialise for years. I would stay in my room, missed years of uni(although I managed to finish my studies). But, I learned to play piano and I learned to paint. Both earn me money now. Energy needs to go somewhere, you just have to direct it actively, proactively, into something. Lack of something gives as abundance elsewhere…. be brave…. You can make your life all about fighting acne but really it is so much more than that:)

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I understand how you feel and unfortunately, we will all face many ailments in this life.. It can be really difficult to face others knowing the kind of judgements society generally projects on people like us for things we can't control all that much.. like acne. But try to think of it this way, this acne WILL make you stronger in the long run.. Some people cut out diary and gluten out of their diets to help with their acne, and although my acne is still pretty bad, I can attest to it! I guess we won't know why we are ailed with such troubles, but what's nice is that there will always be people to relate to on the subject.. Keeping a journal may also help you, it has for me.. Stay strong :)

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