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Aquaphor, My Savior!



I'm officially one week into Myorisan (Accutane)!

And... I'm SO VERY DRY. I've been dry since about day 3, actually. My lips, my nose, and the general area near those two are flaking out. I'm not sure if becoming dry so quickly is a good sign that I react well to Accutane or a fair warning of serious consequences ahead. I'll continue and see. I honestly am not bothered by the current dryness -- it's a nuisance at most.

What I am bothered by is ... Scarring...

While staring at my flaky, crusty pimples, I noticed a few scars I did not see before starting Accutane. I DO NOT BLAME ACCUTANE, I BLAME BIRTH CONTROL FOR GIVING ME A HORRIBLE ACNE FLAREOUT which may have left the scars.

I've kept a pretty close eye on the status of my face...

I recall seeing many mild, boxcar-like scars and severe hyperpigmentation. However, during my last obsessive check, I noticed a couple of icepick scars forming in areas were recent pimples are starting to fade.

This made me pretty sad, bro. I started obsessively looking up ways to GET RID of indented scars, but then realized it's best to worry about that later -- 6 months after I'm done with treatment.

What I can do now is Focus on Scar Prevention!

Too bad I don't know how to do that ;p I know there are a lot of topicals I could use to reduce my scarring and help the new scars heal with minimal permanent damage, but I don't know what I can and cannot use while on Accutane. All I know is I can't use ANYTHING Vitamin A based. I probably shouldn't be exfoliating either. Nothing super abrasive like dermabrasion.... oh well.

I'm glad to say that I haven't been feeling as depressed as I was months ago about my acne, although it's probably worse now than it was then. This may be due to birth controls regulating my hormones, or just the fact of me believing there IS HOPE for me at the end of this road. I've just got to keep fighting, keep trying.

Anyway... during my first pimply week of Accutane, I WENT TO LAS VEGASSS!!! WoooWOOwooWOooo!!! Yes, I was able to formally celebrate turning 21 (Aug 11th) with an all expenses paid trip to LV. Oh god, I was living the luxurious life. I stayed at the Palazzo hotel, ate meals that were $20+ per person (had a $200 sushi platter one night), and looked super smokin' hot in my clubbing dress. I had so much fun exploring and experiencing that my obsession with acne was at an all time low. I also enjoyed getting carded just about everywhere I went because I look 10.

A picture is attached.



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