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Today was the first day of classes here at CSU and I can't help but feel upset about how I look right at the moment. So many people tell me that I cannot complain about my acne because it isn't as bad as others, but acne has controlled my whole life and now it's going to control my whole college experience too.

This morning I got up for my 9 o'clock class and immediately put makeup on. It's hard enough to brush my teeth in front of the mirror, can you imagine putting makeup on too?

Anyway, move in day was Wednesday and I had one pimple on my chin that was swollen, but wasn't even big. That night I put on Clearsil and it came to a head. When I woke up that morning I had ANOTHER pimple forming right below the other!!! You can't imagine how upset I was about this.

So the next couple of days I was just trying to get rid of these two huge pimples that would come to a head, pop, and then just stay there (and sometimes they got bigger). So finally the first pimple went away and the second one came to a head so I allowed for it to pop and then I woke up the next day and now I have ANOTHER pimple right next to the second one!!

Today was fine in the morning and the moment that I got to my late night Monday class that lasts 3 hours, I just couldn't shake the feeling that everyone was looking at my huge pimples, so I got up during break and left because of how self conscious I was about these two big pimples on my face.

How am I supposed to go to the rest of my classes this week? I feel so ashamed. All I want to do is drop out and hide forever.

Is there anyway that I could go to a dermatologist here in Colorado even though I am an out of state student?

I am on 105mg of Solodyn and it worked when I first started it, now I don't think it's working anymore. I also have Ziana, but it was making me break out in places that I never break out on, like my cheeks and forehead so I stopped taking it because I did not want to have pimples on my first day of college.



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hi there ,my daughter tried ziana ,it worked for a year ,but then she started breaking out really bad ,ziana is supposed to break you out at the beginning ,ok so this is what she is using right now ,the reason of breakouts is not enough exfoliation and no treatment ,and bad makeup .ok so this is what she and i use ,and we also tried proactiv for years ,until they messed up the formula and proactiv stopped working ,so this is what we use.

twice a day ...

neutrogena clear pore cleanser / mask ,to clean wash face ,swisspers hypoallergenic cotton rounds ,regular ,not exfoliating ,neutrogena rapid clear 2-in-1 fight and fade toner ,use with the cotton rounds ,make sure to clean around your nose and if you break on your eyebrows use it there too,we women loose our eyebrows because we dont exfoliate them ,then apply the acne.org treatment ,the treatment only the one that has the peroxide ,after that apply clean and clear dual action moisturizer (oil free),you dont have to wait for each thing that you apply to completely dry ,you can apply one after another ,just give it a little to absorb into your skin ,we also use neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser in the shower after washing your face with the neutrogena clear pore cleanser / mask ,leave the deep clean for about 3 or more minutes to exfoliate ,use it when you feel like your face needs a lift .,i use simple cleansing towelettes to remove makeup ,the regular not the exfoliating ,my daughter uses the neutrogena blue package ,and for makeup the loreal magic skin beautifier bb cream in medium and if using powder the bare mineral original foundation in medium beige ,i think my daughter has about your same skin color ,she graduated last year from the csu here in california and she had a hard time dealing with acne ,poor thing so i know how you feel ,she tried antibiotics and everything from the derm ,also the derm gave her ortho,thryciclin ,the brand name birth control ,so that kind of helped too ,and having now a regimen put together . get a shampoo for your hair that is sulfate free ,loreal has that ,in case you wax your upper lip ,you wont be able to ,because you are going to be using the salysilic acid .you probably will have to pluck ,also i think that the ziana made my daughter grow some facial hair ,so now she has to pluck with tweezers ,sometimes ,but its not that bad ,some women do that to get all the treatments to work on their faces faster ,even dan kern from acne.org talks about that .....thank you Dan ,I really love him and thank him for this treatment . my best wishes ,my nickname here is noche and i dont ussually log in ,but sometimes i read the forum for seborrea dermatitis ,i was about to do that when i just saw your post.if you have a question you can leave a message there.

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hi there ,it seems that acne.org erased the seborrea dermatitis thread ,so i will come back and check to see if you have any ?????

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