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Cure For Large Pimples? Coincidence Or Solution?



In my earlier entries I was convinced my acne was severe. After a lot of research, I am relieved to say I do NOT have cystic acne, nor anything close. My acne is very mild, some would call it a grade 1 or 2 out of a grade 5, or a 1-2 on a scale of 0-8, 8 being cystic acne. This gives me hope because it means that my acne which is hormonal, is extremely treatable and preventable. I recently cured it by going on DIM and now I will continue to do so. (Had to go off it cause I thought it was unsafe during pregnancy).

This makes me wonder, how many people are left uneducated about the severity of their acne? There are many scales to rate your severity, but at least it lets you better understand the cause, and how treatable it is. I don't think you should get discouraged, I'm also not bashing anyone who has severe acne. My hope goes out to them, that they may find their cure.

This leads me to my main topic. I thought I had cystic pimples on my chin. But when I looked them up on google, they were NOT huuuge lesions. My pimples are under half a cm. And I thought they were big, it's just they look enormous compared to the rest of my clear face. I had three on my chin and they were so raised and painful it was driving me insane. I later realized they're called papules. There's a difference between them and pustules. Papules are red and painful but pustules have pus in them and have pretty much come to a head. Mine hadn't come to a head but I thought I could get them to, and just pop the suckers.

So here's what I did, and how I accidentally but purposely, cured them lol.

I was really frustrated with how big and painful they were. So, I immediately applied fresh lemon juice to them. They stung and burned and I kept this up for 30 minutes. They still weren't coming to head and this ALWAYS happens with smaller pimples. They just pop and heal within a day or two. These gigantors were not coming to a head. So, I decided to apply heat as heat forces the bacteria out of the pimple and brings it to a head. I must have held hot green tea bags on them for over an hour. STILL NOTHING!

I had almost given up. Then I thought, maybe I should treat them like an inflamed skin lesion and treat the pain. So, I grabbed some hydrocortisone cream. I applied it twice a day and after 2 days, the pimples stopped growing and reduced in size by HALF! They are not painful anymore at all. And now at day 3, they're quite small and should be gone in a couple days. I've also been moisturizing with Oil of Olay for sensitive skin, and applying benzoyl peroxide 5% cream by Clearasil before I go to bed in conjuction with the hydrocortisone 0.5% cream and it's working great. I just discovered a way to stop the pimples from coming to a head and kill them before they get a chance to!

The combination of the benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer and hydrocortisone really seems to work well together. My skin is also much smoother and there are no new breakouts. My skin was clearing up but I realize the reason why my skin started breaking out again is because this is around the time I would normally get my period BUT since I'm pregnant, it hasn't come and my hormones have just been going crazy.

I have also been using St.Ives Apricot scrub blemish control. It is amazing for exfoliating the skin and it really cleans deep and removes any buildup of dirt, make-up and oil. I love it! I also used it on my big pimples that were starting to dry out from the strong benzoyl peroxide and it just washed away the flaky dry skin leaving the area smooth. I applied polysporin to the pimples as well to make sure they don't overdry and heal faster. It REALLY works!

I also had a few flat pimples on my cheeks which NEVER happens! I haven't broken out on my cheeks in my entire life, but a few days ago I had 3 of them, and they weren't red, just skin colored and flat but raised, if that makes sense. They were like a flat surfaced bump. I also had this weird red tiny rash on each cheekbone but mostly on my left side. I used the hydrocortisone cream and in 2 days they're completely gone. They hadn't gotten bigger, just shrank and went away. I'm wondering if it was a rash now and not a breakout of pimples? Odd. That's kind what gave me the idea to use the hydrocortisone cream on the pimples. Because if the lesions on my cheeks WERE pimples, it got rid of them incredibly fast. So why not try it on my pimples that I KNOW are pimples?

Anyways, I should get my DIM tomorrow. Can't wait for that. I'll update you with results as to how that goes. Last time I was on it it worked immediately and I didn't get one breakout or pimple in the 4 months I was on the DIM. SO let's hope it goes the same way this time!!!

I've also added some pictures. This is the worst my acne has been in my whole life, which doesn't seem that bad to some, but it is to me. All the redness is now gone so hopefully it will go away soon! And this is after a nap so my face seems kinda shiny lol :(.

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I have a few large bumps under my skin too, it looks very similar to yours. It drives me insane that they just hang out there forever and ever and ever and don't just come to surface and get it all over with!

Thanks for the suggestion, I'd never even considered hydrocortisone. I'm off to try it right now! Thanks!

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