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New Member To Acne.org!



Hi everyone!

I'm a new member to this website although I have been visiting it since march for inspiration stories and to research all about acne and the different treatments, I never realised there were so many different type of acne and different types of medication it's crazy!

I've been on a lot of different topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics and contraceptive pills which did nothing. I have been fighting with acne for years, when I was at school it was pretty normal, a lot of teenage girls had spotty skin, when I got really conscious about it was when I started working at 16 until present (21) where my older colleagues don't get spots. I'm now 21 and a care worker, having acne has really damaged my self confidence and affected all parts of my life to be honest. Although I'm not a dirty person I felt like people judged me for having acne and I often felt dirty (why else would I get all these horrid spots?!) and use to scrub my skin daily to the point I made it so sore even putting makeup on use to hurt. I was a lost end, fed up with life and how I looked. I went to my doctors to ask for help at which point I broke down crying and basically had a meltdown. I find it hard asking for help after being such an independent person it dented my pride having to ask for help. (My nature is to give other help, not the other way round).

After 15 minutes of sobbing my heart out I managed to discuss different treatments which is when my doctor prescribed Epiduo. I was not keen on antibiotics as I have been on so many in the past I've lost count, and the different effects I use to get with them caused more trouble then was worth it. After my second visit to the doctor she prescribed Erythromycin which although is for infections my doctor reassured me many people who have acne take it? It also helps rosacea which has helped with the redness and the inflamed spots I use to get. I was also prescribed Fluoxetine which is an antidepressant as I had other things going on in my life which I believe the stress was contributing to my acne too but who knows?! The fluoxetine made me nauseous and I lost my appetite, with this I wasn't eating a lot and I think this is why it took a long time for my acne to show improvement because I wasn't eating a healthy diet which defiantly does help with acne. I started my treatment at the end of march and by the end of august most of my acne has gone.

When I first started Epiduo I made the rookie mistake by applying it in a thick layer twice a day. MAJOR mistake this only made my skin burn, itchy, flaky and bright red. After looking on this website and studying everybody's reviews on Epiduo I realised I was going about it all the wrong way! I then reduced the application to every other night. (I often had to sleep with a cold wet flannel on my face because my face was swollen and so sore! The thought of it gives me the shivers!) However I stuck with it and eventually when my skin started becoming use to it I stuck to a strict routine by taking my tablets every morning and evening at the same time. I also ditched all the products which claimed to help spotty skin! waste of money and time! I used Cetaphil cleanser morning and night. I applied Epiduo in a THIN layer at night only and in the morning would wash my face again with the cleanser and then applied the Cetaphil moisturiser (brilliant primer) it makes your skin so soft! I can't believe I haven't discovered this all before it would have saved me so much pain and aggro but I guess you don't appreciate things until you've been through the worst!

I still get the occasional spot (which doesn't last long after applying epiduo!) but my skin has improved so much I'm finally happy! I didn't have the nerve to join this website and show all my embarrassing photos of my skin however I am now at the stage where I want people to see what my skin was life to how it is now. I don't have perfect skin, I still have scar marks and an uneven skin tone but nothing a bit of makeup can't correct. It's defiantly improved quality of my life. I lost a lot of confidence and became quite withdrawn, I felt like I couldn't talk to people about it as the truth is unless you've had acne nobody can understand what it's like. I have posted a few pictures from my epitracker from when I started the treatment to now. I find this helps when I'm having a bad day with my skin all I have to do is look back to april and see how far I've come! I have a review soon with my doctor to see how things are going.. they were going to put me on Accutane if this Epiduo didn't work and I really didn't want to start Accutane so whoever invented Epiduo is a pure genius

Sorry for the rambling, I needed to get it off my chest! I would love to hear from anybody who has also struggled through the torture of acne. It's taken a lot of courage to write this out as I'm such a private person and do not like to share my insecurities but I think everybody on here has joined for the same reason!

Much love and I appreciate it if you have read this long blog! Lol

Feel free to comment/discuss/share on this! xx


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Hello and Welcome!!!

I was reading your blog and trust me I went through the same thing. I started having acne at the age of 13 and I am now 23, I tried a lot of stuff..pills, creams, over counter stuff, home remedies etc.. It was horrible and annoying. I cried a lot too, because of how horrible I felt... I also had people but me down "your acne's getting bad" "you need to do something about your acne" "are you doing anything to get rid of your acne" LIKE I already dint feel bad because I had the darn things on my face...ugh. Eventually I was put on Accutane and I dint want to go on it either but I did. I saw a big improvement it was crazy how clear my face was. I do get a few pimples here and there sometimes like now I have been getting some around my jaw line and mouth area and its annoying but im putting stuff on them. My Scars are horrible too, and I haven't found something to help it I don't want to get laser treatment or anything...but since nothing is working then I probably have to.

Everyone here is going through it...some people not so bad but they freak out and then there is people like myself who have felt the pain and suffered from this stuff. Feel comfortable and ask anything ive been through it and well I still get them here and there so....yea

but anytime let me know ill give you my email too

[email protected]

Hope this helps!

Vee :)

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Hey Vee!

Thanks for the post :)

I'm glad you managed to sort your acne out with Accutane, I've heard that Accutane can have quite bad side effects? Have you had any side effects from it? This is what put me off going on it but I think the Epiduo has done the trick for the time being..

I find it hard having acne as an older person then a teenager, as a care worker I work with a lot of elderly people who don't mean to be rude but quite a few times I've had somebody say 'what's that on your face?' 'urgh what's that? why do you have that?' and my honest answer is I don't know why I get it I just do! :( it makes you feel so self conscious .. My acne was also really painful like all I would have to do is bend over and I would feel the blood rushing to my spots? although that sounds silly it really was painful! and when something is painful you notice it a lot more, I was constantly touching my spots trying to pop them and probably just infecting them!

As for scars I don't know what to suggest, my acne was never the sort where it would leave like pits in my face but the Epiduo I use has reduced the marks acne has left, I don't know if that would be the same with deeper scars? I've heard bio-oil is good for scars but it can be quite greasy so I don't know if that would be a good idea for your face?

Do you have any before or after pictures? From your profile picture your skin looks pretty good to me :)

Caitlin :)

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Hellooo again :)

Yes I did have side effects from Accutane I had really dry skin, eyes, hair, and worst were my lips. Either than that I dint have any other. Epiduo was the last thing I took before going on Accutane and it worked for a while but then I broke out horrible again so Accutane was kinda the next thing for me.

and yes I kno acne can be painful it sucks!!!

And yes ive tried Bio Oil but my skin is really oily already so...I stopped because I dint want to break out.

And yes my PIC looks good because it was one of my senior pics....and they edited it :'( and if it wouldn't have been for that you would be able to see those awful things ughh.

And no I dint take pictures my derm told me to but I hated my face that bad I wouldn't even take a picture. and now I do regret it because I could use them but I was so self cautious I dint...but let me see if maybe I can find one...:/

Vee :)

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