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Two Packs Down!



Finished my second pack today! They come in packs of 10 pills, 3 per month. It reminded me that I figured out something fairly obvious but really awesome-- you can cut your 'tane out of the scary deformed baby/preggo lady with red X packaging! That way you don't end up with "no preggos allowed" stickers all over your house... of if you're me, annoyed that the FDA doesn't trust women to not be total idiots... I wanted to liberate a couple of the blister packs to take with me on a short trip, and realized that they are totally normal looking under all that cardboard!

I'm worried about my bloodwork next Thurs because I was on vacation last week and was pretty bad--went to a couple of wine tastings and also ate a LOT of cheese...so this week I'm being super good, eating lots of oatmeal and stuff which I hope will get my cholesterol down. They said it was slightly elevated before I started but cleared me anyways, so I want to make sure it doesn't go too high. I want to stay healthy, of course, but I also don't want to have to go off the isotretinoin! I was pretty surprised by the cholesterol as I am quite thin and the last time I had it tested it was extremely low (something like 30) so I wonder if it was something I had eaten that day or something.

P.S. I have been bad and had alcohol a couple of times so far and haven't noticed any weird effects (getting overly drunk, hangovers, etc.) but I always drank TONS of water and had lots of food with it, and didn't go overboard. Next Thursday will tell if my liver has suffered at all...I hope not!! :)


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