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I Am A Hypocrite.



Yes, I fucking am.

My skin is horrid right now, not gonna lie, it really is. Its the end of the month and my period is due next week or something and this always happens at the end of every month. My skin is just so terrible and its making me feel like shit - again. WTF.

I am just feeling sorry for myself all the time. I look pretty unattractive with it which goes against everything I believe about it i.e people can be beautiful with acne. But maybe Im not, Im just not. I think that's why having clear skin means so much to me, because I am not a natural pretty person so...it just makes me feel shit when I have acne on my face.

My skin freaked out after I went swimming one days this week, is this possible?! It was honestly fine on Monday and then SHIT now. Jesus. I can't talk to my mum or friends because they just are sick of it. Sick of me with it.

Thinking of booking that appointment with the Dermatologist over the weekend and seeing what he can do for me. I'd love to try Roaccutane seen as though I have used everything else including anti-biotics and BCS's and many many topicals and spent money on loads of shit.


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Stace, you are not a hypocrite. You are human and right now you are experiencing strong emotions. True beauty is not external but that doesn't mean any of us wants to walk around with skin diseases.

It just means that we shouldn't judge others who happen to have these diseases. I am there with you. My skin is getting worse day by day (cheeks are getting larger bumps and pores are clogged along with red, itchy, puss filled bumps all around my mouth). I feel gross too.

I think you need to go see a derm and get your skin properly evaluated. I would give retin A a go and if that doesn't work - then roaccuatane. Have you given thought to diet changes?

Definitely PM if you need to chat - it helps.

Praying for you love.

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I was on DIM Detox and I have hormonal acne like you but I only get it around my jawline (chin area). I had to stop it because I became pregnant but it cured my acne. It started working immediately and my acne was cleared in just a month. No more breakouts and I was acne free for 4 months. Now I spoke with my doctor and found out it's safe to take in a low dosage, so I'm starting back up on it. But it is literally my savior. It's the only thing that worked for me. I tried literally EVERYTHING before it. It's by pure encapsulations. I get it from Epicbeautybar.com. You should try it. You need about 1-4 capsules per day and $42 per bottle for 60 capsules. Your acne isn't THAT bad. You could probably get away with taking 1-2 per day. it should last you 1-2 months. It's honestly amazing. it cures acne from the inside out. Just research it. The reviews are endless.

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ACTUALLY!!!! your face and acne is not bad, yes I know it bugs you and you think it looks horrible but there is people who have it worse and you talking like that makes people think they look worse because their acne looks worse!!! I have gone through it...people freak out and sit there and say how gross it is and to think I had it bad and WORSE way worse and think what they thought of me!

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Emm..to be honest Vee30 I dont think it matters what kind of acne you have. I KNOW mines is not severe or inflammatory but it DOES affect me.

Go look at what I use to have..I have definitely canr a long way but the fact I am breaking out makes me feel sooo shit..and that's that. JUST because I don't have SEVERE acne doesn't mean I have to not not like my skin.

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