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Today Is The Day!



Alright, ladies and gentleman!

I finally, FINALLY, picked up my box of Isotretinoin 40mg (Myorisan) pills!

I have not taken the pill yet, but I will very very soon.

I've already bought the Cetaphil, the Clerave, the Aquaphor, the foundation, the sunscreen, everything. I am so ready to jump on this journey.

I probably won't tell you how the first day goes because, well, everyone already knows how it's going to go down.

In fact, I'll write it for you now!

---------------- DAY #1 ---------------

So, I took my first Accutane pill today!

Yup.... that's about it. No change. Zip, nada.

But, let us mark today, August 18th, 2014, as the day Teresa starts her Accutane Journey.

Let the fun begin. :)


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