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Why Do We Go Through The Tough Times?



I have gotten to a point in my life where i don't feel the need to always question God for the things that happen to me. It just becomes a part of life. It doesn't make it any easier to go through these things none the less. My acne for instance. 16 years and counting - the embarrassment, the struggle, the explaining to people what happened to my skin.......it's tough. I feel like giving up, i do but as God has come to mean more to me than anything else, i have learned that Christians don't give up. We lament, we pray, we cry, we bounce back, we endure, we struggle but we don't ever give up.

So why do we go through tough times? To toughen us up. To prepare us for things to come. To test our patience. To build character. To deepen our relationship with God. Because everyone has a demon their fighting and acne happens to be mine.


if we did not have obstacles we would not be able to grow… if you have no problems or obstacles to deal with it is very likely you are dead, haha tough times give you a chance to raise your level of consciousness up a level, if you would not, then groundhog day it shall be… :)

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I hear you. It just sucks going through these growing pains year after year after year. It's like living in Groundhog Day day after day. Acne and my health are 2 of my biggest struggles and i've hit a brick wall. God is sustaining me - that's all i can say.

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