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Help For Moderate Red Acne



Basically I woke up few days ago and I realised I broke out in more spots just when I Thot my moderate acne got better ...:( I basically had a viral infection and I took a tablet called omezeprole or something to help calm the viral down but I didn't know it would make me breakout ..... And I used differin gel before and that was going well and then like 3 days ago I put it on my face again and the new breakouts did go down but then then yesterday I put freederm gel on my face and I think it did help my face a bit but I still have all these breakouts on my face I think they are white heads but I'm not too sure and my face does look kinda red tbh:/ and two days ago I started lymceciline but I got told that it takes around 8 weeks to see a proper difference .. I don't know what to do anymore because I'm getting depressed/ insecure about my face more than usual I used duac for around a year since last year because that's when my acne was quite severe so I started when I was 15 and I'm turning 16 in January and I was just wondering if anyone can give me advice on how to help clear moderate acne and if there's a process to make it clear faster and if it will ever go away:

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I do have a cure for acne issues, I recently found this natural remedy and it's a must.
Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth! 
I researched it in detail and it basically cleans our entire system. Specifically for acne it has a high content of silica  and I've noticed such a change. My pores are getting smaller and the pimples are fading, no cyst  either and my skin looks clean and smooth. This earth is a fine powder that is rough so mix and bit with a few drops of water and make a mask. I add it to my soap, Sappho Charcol Bamboo soap is amazing for the face and body. It lathers up and I add the powder to it and it has made my skin feel incredible smooth! (I also Add it to my shampoo and toothpaste )

So you use this earth internally and externally. Start slow, a teaspoon for a few days mixed with water (and lemon) or juice and follow with a full bottle of water. Drink lots of waterResearch about this product- I learned that since it detoxes your body you may feel symptoms. I had a few minor headaches a bit of a stomach sickness for two days too.  This is because it is clensing. After a week take a teaspoon of DE every morning and afternoon on an empty stomach. It is very inexpensive  
It gives you energy, makes your hair and nails grow.. clears up acne,  removes parisites, cleans the blood, takes away aches and pains. I had this pain in your finger for months and it is now gone! It Improves eyesight.. Some people even wrote it cured hip issues.  I love this stuff. My friends have been saying I glow! Oh and it also helps weight loss because it cleans the stored fat cells so they are no longer stored and easier to burn. But if you are thin it does not effect your weight because it doesn't need cleaning out if that makes sense? 
 You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This could be your solution. DE Is also incredible for outdoor pests. I sprayed it in my garden and all the water bugs are gone!! Spiders and other insects also die.. this powder dehydrates them. 
Try it and let me know What You think ! It's amazing in so many ways!!
wear gloves when handling it can irritate the skin and if you spray in it yard- wear a mask. This photo is the kind I ordered  it comes with a yard dispenser.  


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