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Day 11--Whitehead Purge!



Dear Reader,

It is Day 11. My lips are cracking and peeling off delightfully. But even more exciting are the fantastic little eruptions of pussy goo, concentrated in the corners of the nose but not averse to taking up residence in the chin, cheeks, and upper lip. They have a tendency to spontaneously burst during the day, adding charming rivulets of fluid to my otherwise quite arid visage.

Tah tah for now,


P.S., I should mention the rather odd flaking behind the ears. Really adds panache to a black top.


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i had that too in the first few weeks, It was so gross and uncomfortable but better out than in i say.

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I'm in my 4th month now and still have all the same symptoms except from the spots. I am truly spot free now! It's great!

I used Dermol 500 for whiteheads and flaking.

It's an antibacterial moisturiser designed for eczema and other dry skin conditions. it's extremely fine and sinks in instantly, but you do have to apply it repeatedly to fight the flakes. A bonus is that the antibacterial properties drastically reduced the size and number of my white heads.

I hope this was helpful! I've also just started a YouTube channel about skin, acne and Accutane. there's no content on it at the moment but I will be uploading tips for tackling the symptoms weekly. My username is WennaCraze, I really hope that helps!

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