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What Worked For Your Acne?



so I know we've all heard of the HOME REMIDIES (tooth paste, honey, banana peel etc..) ,CLEANSERS, ONLINE PRODUCTS, SOAPS etc.... my question is what cleasers worked for you? what home remedies worked for you? online products? or if any soaps did? Accutane is great but however I am breaking out a lil still...I don't really want to get back on Accutane so im going to see what actually worked for people....anything helps!! and your answers will be appreciated... :)


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Cleanser-hardcore Hibiclens kills bacteria that cause acne-CANNOT touch the beautiful eyes!

Spironolactone, Birth Control pills, Cephalexin...My oil production has sharply decreased since starting birth control pills AND spironolactone . Lastly, benzaclin.

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That's awesome you're going off Accutane, it's so harmful and shouldn't be taken for long. I found the best cure for me was DIM Detox but it's mainly for hormonal acne. Where do you mostly break out? And is your skin dry, oily? Does it feel tight after you wash your face? Also birth control worked for me for a bit but gave me symptoms so I stopped but apparently it works for lots of people. I believe you commented on my hormonal regimen. I have quite a few products in there that works.

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Hello and thank you guys for the comments.

and LEKSI yes I did comment on your blog :)

okay so I have OILY skin.. Im braking out like by my mouth and on my neck by my chin around there and a few on my forehead & yes it does feel tight after I wash my face. Also ive been putting that Garnier BB cream instead of makeup I don't really want to wear makeup cuz I don't want it getting worse but idk what else to substitute it with besides that BB cream stuff that's the closest to makeup I guess....

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Hey! This is long. Sorry to hear your breaking out. I'm so glad you asked this question. Okay so everything I'm about to tell you comes from personal experience. When it comes to home remedies...just know that they won't always work. Take lemon for example. About a year ago I had extremely soft baby skin. I started having small breakouts and wanted to brighten/lighten my skin. It worked great. Until I started using it excessively everyday ALL THE TIME. Lemon is too strong and acidic. It made my skin red,irritated and gave me more pimples! If your going to use it use it 1 time a week.Not everyday even if you have oily skin. Honey didn't do anything for me. Toothpaste (actual paste) works okay but it's not very clean and may irritate a pimple.It can dry out pimples over a couple of days. Tomatoes worked wonders! The juice is the secret! It brightens and controls oil without drying. Sea salt did not work. Cinnamon did not work. Pineapple juice did not work. I know I've literally tried everything :( I can go on and on and tell you remedies and drugstore products that haven't worked... but onto what did work!

Proactiv! Worked! I know people often say it dries out skin and is a bad experience but I have normal skin and it helped with the bacteria on my face. The BP kills bacteria. You can get similar products all over but the 3 step benzoyl peroxide treatment worked spectacular for my skin. If you try Proactiv get the Advanced Blemish Treatment!!! It's A L I F E S A V E R !:)

I'm currently using AcneFree advanced cleansing brush along with their regular cleanser it comes with along with my proactiv toner and 3rd step no treatment (2.5%). Th brush is handy and helps deep clean.

Good Luck!

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