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Day 21 Differin



So I checked the calendar and I was farther into the Differin process than I had thought. Yay, I guess? I'm just finishing Week 3 today and I am clearly either beginning or getting through this initial breakout period. Today my face looks much better. I think it may have been irritated a bit yesterday from the AHA/BHA scrub my derm wants me to use during the morning but I decided to just use my good old CeraVe this morning also and it all looks a little calmer on my forehead/cheeks. Also, my skin doesn't feel as oily today but I'm NOT going to pick at anything cus the last time it made everything red around my forehead where I literally was just picking at a clogged pore, yuck. So overall today is much better. I might take that back after I meticulously look my face over in the mirror tonight, BUT overall point is that it seems as if my face hasn't been getting worse through the day like it feels like most mornings after my first wash. Go medicine go!

I'll update later this week whenever I can/feel like it, and maybe some pics at the end of week 4, but I may be at school then so that'll be a challenge.

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