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Week 1 In Review + Drinking Experiement



Tonight I'll be taking pill 7. I am just starting to get some dryness around the corners of lips and edges of nose.

I also did a little experiment last night with alcohol, just to see what would happen, because I have a few special occasions that I'd like to be able to have a couple of drinks at during the course, and I wanted to know in advance if I'd feel ill from mixing alcohol with the medication or get horribly hungover or anything, so I split a bottle of red wine with my wife over the course of several hours. I didn't feel any more tipsy than usual, and this morning I only have the slight headache I've been waking up with every AM since starting the drug. I drank lots of water along with it and ate with it as well. So, it seems like it's an okay thing to do for special occasions, but still not something I'm willing to risk doing often--I need my liver fully functional for when I'm living in Ireland! ;)


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