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Day One - Herbal Supplements, Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Omega, Green Tea



I started getting cystic acne at about 14 and before that had regular acne. It was bad but not cystic. Just to clarify, some people say they have cystic acne and what they have are spots. These are not cysts, even if they are big. Cysts are hard lumps under the skin which are disfiguring. They rarely come to a head though they may burst at some stage. They grow slowly and can last for months. Mine usually last a month or so.

I started Roaccutane at 23 and it worked a charm. So happy with the results. At 28 I got a random cyst on my chest. Then nothing. Now at 29 I have suddenly started getting regular cysts again.

My skin is pretty good other than the cysts. I get a couple of big spots at the time of the month. Other than that my issues are cysts.

I haven't been great sticking to a routine and just found this site and am trying The Regimen. Except I am using Finecia (Azelaic Acid) gel instead of benzyl peroxide. This is day 3 of the regime.

Yesterday my cysts were really getting me down. I did a lot of reading on here and decided that my acne is likely hormonal. It seems women are opting for Saw Palmetto to help it so I went off to Holland and Barrett and bought a bottle on 460mg. It doesn't specify 'standardized' like some say it should so I'm hoping it will still help.

My new regime as of yesterday:


Lymecycline antibiotics (have increased my dose to twice a day while I have cysts)

Finecia azelaic acid gel on spots and cysts twice a day

Over the counter & herbal:

Saw Palmetto


Omega 3

Apple Cider Vinegar

Loose leaf grean tea

Skin status:

Large, disfiguring cyst between chin and cheek. Large cyst on neck (think on its way down). Painful cyst on chest probably still on its way up. It'll be a while til I can wear a top without a high neckline :(

In the last week I have also tried tea tree oil 100% but didn't feel it was as effective as Finecia, though I may try it again. I've also tried Hydrocortisone cream 1% which made the cyst on my chest develop lots of little white heads. Not sure if that's good thing or not! I've switched to Finecia.

I hope this helps others. I'll keep you updated with my progress.


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