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Accutane Month # 2



Acne is that clingy ex that won't go away no matter what you tell them.

Just started my 2nd month of accutane, I've gone from 40Mg to 90Mg (3x 30Mg daily).

Recap: My first week was great minus my numb face and sore cheeks, 2nd week I only had headaches, 3rd week most side effects stopped minus the chapped lips and dry skin and eyes.

My Acne got really bad during weeks 2-4 and just this week has it started to clear which is good because I'm flying back home from college to see my family on Tuesday. My face is numb again but I think its because the medication was increased but other than me talking funny its OK. So far everything is going good my acne has started to clear and when I break out its not as bad but my Dermatologist said the acne on the back is more resistant then the face.

My only main problem I'm having and wondering if anyone else has experienced this is the medication is triggering my asthma. My asthma is triggered by a dry throat and the accutane is drying everything. Has anyone else had this problem? Best solution I found was Halls the cough drops and taking my Symbicort inhaler.

I do have the best side effect ever! I usually have a stuffed nose due to allergies but the accutane has congested my nose YAY I can breathe through my nose!!!

Also my Dermatologist is a little concerned of my Cholesterol because its a bit high and I really hope I'm able to complete accutane treatment since I have to pay 100% of the cost since my health benefits don't start again until September and I just don't want to deal with acne ever again. I think my cholesterol is high because I used to be overweight within one year I gain 70 Pounds and I made a lot of diet changes and I lost 80 pounds of fat in 4 months and gained 30 pounds of muscle. I still want to lose another 15 pounds of fat and get down to 17% body fat. Acne's like the clingy ex that just won't go away.


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As a former clingy ex who just wouldn't go away stfu! ;) You are taking mega dose of Tane should help immensely. Keep at it. The numb face though, that is really fukin serious. :( It could even be a stroke and it may not be caused by the Tane at all. You should get that checked out by your primary and don't hide it from your derm. Scolding over. :badgrin:

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It was just a joke silly :P. The amount of Accutane you take is based on your weight and I'm 204 pounds. I've been on the 90mg for 6 days now and I haven't seen any new break outs on my back they are all going away and healing, My face however got 2 new ones but they are so small and almost gone.

My face is OK! Muscle pain and inflammation is a rare side effect and I asked my Dermotoligiest, she said its perfectly OK its rare to have muscle pain but its more rare to have it isolated but shes not concerned. Besides its stopped now, my face is just a little sore.

I would get it checked out but I don't have a family doctor, where I live in Canada there's a shortage on doctors and the only way I see a doctor is at my school, but they are on vacation until September. Its that or wait 3 hours at a walk in clinic.

Tomorrow I fly so wish me luck!

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I took serious offense to that "clingy ex" comment. Your clingy ex is most likely clingy because she is hurt. Acne, on the other hand, hurts you. It's okay. I'm over it.

Just be glad you are on Accutane. It's not offered to any random stranger with a few pimples on their face, you know. I know it's frustrating to be on the pill and still not see results. I'm (almost) in the same boat. I wake up to a face full of serious acne, and I feel like I won't ever be satisfied, even after I'm done with my Accutane course... which I will start in approximately a week. But for some reason I keep fighting. Why? Idk. Just gotta keep fighting...

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