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Amazingly Clear Without Antibiotics!




My new regimen is getting on famously. My regimen is now:

100mg spiro

Ortho tri-cyclen




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Your face is so clear, I'm a little jealous

Don't be. You can use the same regimen as me. My complexion has turned around 100%. Look back at old blogs to see my before pics. I share my regimen because it works for any woman, that includes you!! The online dermatological journal article that I read said that spironolactone when used in conjunction with an oral contraceptive clears acne in 85-88% of women. Thanks for the compliment!

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You're skin looks great congrats on your regimen!xxx

I initially did not believe that it would work so well. I had come to rely on amoxicilin/cephalexin for four years. I jumped through several hoops to get the Ortho Tri-cyclen because I had high blood pressure. I also had to take multiple blood tests (much like accutane) to get the spiro high enough. But it all paid off! Thanks for the compliment!! :) I am not used to getting compliments on my skin. :( But it feels great to wash smooth skin and all that. I never even worry about getting a pimple anymore and my pores have shrunk and my scars are smoothing out. I couldn't be happier. I hope you have or find a regimen that works for you!!xoxo

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I'm glad you found something that works for you! Are you taking name brand Orth-Tri-Cyclen? I think I will ask my derm to put me on name brand when I go back for my check up.

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Hey I'm new to this ! But your regimen is one I'd be interested in! How long did it take for the trentinoin to make a difference? And for the spiro too? Also can you take spiro for as long as needed ? I'd really appreciate any info. I'm on isotrex now a month and my skin is just worse everyday and I'm close to giving up if it wasn't for sucess stories like yours !:) thanks

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