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Post Accutane 2 Year Update!



Two years ago I took Accutane for 6 months (60 mg a day). I was 18 and had cystic acne on my nose and cheeks that wouldn't go away with antibiotics or other treatments that I tried. The side effects I experienced included dry lips/skin/eyes, more sensitive skin (prone to scratches), and occasional nosebleeds toward the end of the treatment. The only side effect that stayed with me after my treatment ended was dry eyes, but this only happens right after I wake up; I still experience this.

Basically, taking Accutane was totally worth it for me and it cleared me up amazingly. After the treatment, I had more confidence as I started my first year of college.

Unfortunately, my acne has slowly but steadily been coming back the last few months and now it has been almost as bad as pre-Accutane. HOWEVER if I were to go back in time, I would still do Accutane because it was worth having clear skin for these past two years. The side effects paled in comparison to the awesome skin that I experienced.

Recently I have been traveling/sweating a lot which probably contributed to my breakouts. Nonetheless, it is apparent that the success of Accutane has worn off; currently I have 3 active large pimples on my face (some are cystic), some healing spots/shrinking pimples, clogged pores around my cheek and nose, and I can feel 2 new pimples starting to form (can't tell if they're cystic yet or not). I still wash my face on a daily basis.

I have made a dermatologist appointment in the near future to see what the doctor has to say about my returning acne. Fingers crossed!

If you have any questions about my acne/ experience with Accutane/, feel free to ask~

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Hi BItsy!

Welcome back!

Since you are female, I have the perfect regimen for you provided you are not currently attempting pregnancy. 100mg spironolactone and Ortho Tri-cyclen birth control pillz. I had severe cystic acne. Cleared it with massive, unauthorized doses of amoxicillin and cephalexin. I did some research on spironolactone and found out that it clears acne in 66% of women who take it and that number jumps to 88% when you add a birth control pill that the FDA has approved for acne treatment ie...Ortho-tri-cyclen, Yaz, Yasmin. My new regimen of spironolactone and Ortho-tri-cyclen has cleared me completely after 4 months. I literally cannot even recall the last pimple I had. I just don't break out anymore. You'll need to get the BCPs from your gynecologist or Planned Parenthood (where I get mine) and the spironolactone from your dermatologist. Although I did have one dermatologist years ago who prescribed me Yaz.


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