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At The Crossroad



So many ions ago, the rap group 'Bone Thugs-n-Harmony' made a song called 'Meet me at the crossroads'. It was basically talking about friends that had passed on and meeting them up in the afterlife. Well the title of the song got me thinking that we all have many crossroads in our daily lives. Times when we are faced with decisions, often difficult ones which have the ability to change the course of our lives. I am in that exact spot right now in 2 specific areas:

1) my career

2) my acne

Career wise, I am a teacher and I am looking to switch jobs as my current school is just simply not where i want to be (an administration issue). I have interviewed out of state and may be offered a position soon in Alabama (I live in NY and the thought of leaving my support system is crippling).

Acne wise, after a year on a regimen that actually worked for me (kept me worry free from acne for half a year or so), my acne came back. It's been such a difficult thing to deal with but Thank God, I am going through it and not locking myself away like i did in 2012. My Dr is willing to put me on accutane but also suggested Spiro since topicals have not worked for me ( thanks to BP, i developed facial eczema/hyper sensitive skin-boo hoo). My last course of accutane was a failure (never cleared) and I am terrified Spiro will make things worse as it messes with hormones and my acne doesn't correlate with my menses so.....

With all these decisions that lead down all these different pathways and have different outcomes/consequences, I am incapable of choosing.

I need to leave it up to God because I am only human and I am bound to make things more complicated. It's a hard thing for me to do but I know this is what is best.

I ask for your prayers that my faith will carry me through these crossroads and that on the other side, things will be better.

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