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Acne/acne Scars! Help




so I finished Accutane in November 2012 and I loved it!!!! but now im getting acne like on my neck or cystic little pimples on my cheeks!! can someone help and has anyone else had this problem? im needing to know if I need to get back on Accutane!?!

ALSO I still have the horrible acne scars has anyone tried something that worked for scars??

Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks



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Well before you can treat the scars, you have to address the active acne first. Before trying accutane again, try topicals as sometimes things that did not work pre accutane will work post accutane. Also, if you suspect your acne is hormonal, look into Spiro.

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My brother had really bad acne scars on his cheeks, if I had a picture i would show you. He started using a Lush facial cleanser called This is how we roll....or something like that. It has cinnamon and that helps with acne scars. Or I think even doing a honey/cinnamon mask might help with the scars too. My brothers scars are practically gone now.

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Honey is an excellent natural alternative to surgery or otherwise damaging surgical procedures to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Honey is very moisturizing and although it will not remove the scars it will certainly make them a lot less noticeable. The cheapest and quickest way to treat acne scars is to just apply the honey directly to the affected areas for an hour and then rinse off. If you have just a single scar, apply the honey before you go to sleep, cover with a plaster and remove and rinse off the next day. Adding a bit of lemon juice to the honey is just as good for treating acne scars and pimples, because it is very drying if you have very sensitive skin it is advised to just stick to the honey.

Hope this helps. Cheers·

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really? hmm...where can I get these?

Your gyno or Planned Parenthood will have to prescribe the Ortho-Tri-cyclen (a birth control pill) and your dermatologist will prescribe the spironolactone. I have not had even 1 zit since I got on Ortho Tri-cyclen and spironolactone. Not one.

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