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Cyst Remedy



I have had my share of acne in the form of giant cysts, and every other form of acne for that matter. However, the cysts are by the worst, most painful, embarassing, spirit-breaking pimples one can be afflicted by. That being said I had to make a mention of a remedy that I can not by any means say is foolproof, but has helped me immensely. Zinc-Oxide cream is a thick paste that I have learned to use on those giant, face-swallowing cysts that can wreak havock on someone's life.

Like I said I can by no means say that this formula is foolproof, that is the end all, be all of all cystic acne, but it seams that everytime I use it I can pop the cyst in a few days. Like I said, I just had to make a mention of it for any potential readers because I know how harmful these cysts can be to someone's self-esteem. I have had a single cyst literally ruin my life for months at a time, and I am just glad to have been able to come out of the darkness everytime. So if nothing else seems to be working, please do not try anything stupid, like smeering hydrocortisone on top of your skin or lancing your own pimples or picking at them; add zinc-oxide to your daily routine.

I put it on at night, the last thing I do before I go to bed because it's a thick paste that does not disolve, it even is somewhat water resistent. Keep in mind that while using zinc, I was also practicing other pimple-reduction techniques. I was using Benzoyl Peroxide 10, tea tree oil and aspirin cream a couple times a day. I was also using a warm water cotton ball press on the cyst a few times a day. For these reasons I cannot say that the healing was due solely to zinc-oxide, but I can say that I have tried all these things and more without zinc cream; all without showing any positive results. But everytime that I have used zinc cream so far I have succesfully gotten rid of the cyst in a few days! Which is an incredible relief, as any one would know who's been afflicted by an acne cyst.

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I know you feel as though you have stumbled onto a remedy but popping cysts can create deep scars. Try an antibiotic instead. Personally, for me and I assume many others, AMOXICILLIN and CEPHALEXIN cleared my face completely. I know you are a dude so you can't use my other drugs, Birth Control pills and spironolactone, all feminizing. Now I'm all extra female :lol: Anywho, consider the tane as well.

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