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Honestly no-one in my life fucking understands.

I can't talk to my mum because she always just goes on about "think how bad it used to be it ain't even acne blah blah.

Tbh its gotten to the point that I am starting to feel so anxious again, ain't seeing my doctor until next Thursday but considering booking private to see a derm anyway in the next couple weeks.

I guess I just don't know what to do anymore..the bumps have definitely gotten worse but I don't know what's doing it!! Maybe it is purging really don't know. But right now I hate myself. I hate my skin and I hate me, it kinda upsets me to say that but its true. My periods are also 5 days late, and I don't think that Is helping.

I mean I know its not bad inflammatory acne but its still distressing and I am sreriously considering Accutane, maybe a low dose. Im only about 53kg in weight anyway. Aww fuck I don't know....!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Stacey! I feel you. My face today was worse than it has been before and it will probably be worse tomorrow. The point is that for people like us, sometimes over the counter stuff doesn't cut it. I say pay for a derm and get a real acne medication like a retinoid and if that doesn't work, then accutane. Believe it or not, you can use accutane for mild acne that is NOT responsive to other means (which i what you have).

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Thank you Sascha. I always appreciate your replies.

I am considering heavily seeing a derm. Thing is I don't know how lenient they may be to prescribe me a low dose Accutane prescription.Also I remember my doctor s couple years back told me if I did go on Accutane I'd need to go on birth control too...is this true?

The way I see it the now..I would rather go on accutane than a BCP.

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