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I Have Moderate Acne & Need Help



Hello everyone! I'm new to this. But I have seriously tried SO many different things for my face. I've tried neutragena, clean & clear, aveeno, clearisil, and PROACTIV. Omg NONE of it works. I get so frustrated. I will pay ANY price for something that will actually WORK and IMPROVE my skin. I have a few pimples, dark spots (on my cheeks) and a few blackheads on my forehead. I need help finding something that ACTUALLY helps. Does Meladerm cream actually help with spots? & does Regimen work with acne? HELP ME PLEASE.


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The regimen definitely works but it is harsh on the skin. I strongly recommend you go see a derm as the trial and error of drug store shopping can be tedious. Also, diet modifications can be helpful

dairy and gluten free

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Hi, welcome! As leelowe said, I really think seeing a dermatologist is your best first step towards clearer skin. There are a host of RX medications for you to choose from. I had SEVERE acne, Especially on my chin in recent years. Awful. I felt like the bearded lady with a beard consisting of swollen whiteheads. My chin was covered in them. I now have no noticeable acne.I see a licensed medical professional female dermatologist.

My regimen:

1. 100mg spironolaxcone

2. 2oo mg Doxycycline

3.benzaclin 100gm per month

4. tretinoin

5.topical clindamycin

6. Ortho Tri-cyclen birth control pill, proven to fight acne

Best wishes.

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