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My Face.



Hey everyone. its about a week before that special time of month and my face won't let me forget it. So I thought I would share a few pictures of what my skin looks like. I wanted to upload the pictures from my phone- you would actually see every lump and bump but that failed so check out these crappier webcam versions

Currently my skin hates me. Be assured the feeling is mutual. I went to Sephora just the other day and bought the Kat Von D foundation to try and hide this crap. It hides color but not bumps so I still feel horrendous.

I'm still taking DIM just not as consistently so maybe that's why my skin is awful. but at this point I don't care why I just don't want to see these damn pimples anymore. I am also trying something new lifestyle wise. I have gone gluten free along with dairy free. I am hoping this will have some effect on my acne- positive of course. My skin feels super irritated right now and well as you can see bumpy and blotchy. I just want my old face back (the picture of my smile is my old face-not revealing my identity so that is all you will see).Anyways, I don't know why or how it got so bad.

If you have any suggestions they are welcomed.



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My skin was just like yours is now before I started amoxicillin. See your derm and ask for amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day. Get on the pill. Try Ortho tri-cyclen since it is clinically proven to prevent breakouts. It might be of interest to you that I also take spironolactone. I don't breakout any more. :)

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Its funny, I was prescribed Ortho tri-cyclen and spironolactone. I rejected both because I fear side effects and impermanence- my doctor warned me that results would stop once I stopped taking these pills. I just really don't know how much more of this I can take. I genuinely feel bad for the sucker that has to wake up to this everyday. I have tried the natural route for ages and it has been effective but not always. I will see if the benefits outweigh the risks

Thanks for the advice!


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Hi Mel,

There is no "cure" for acne. It is a disease that must be managed. It can go into remission while being treated but it can always come back. I manage my acne to the point where I don't get pimples anymore. Have that as a goal and you will get relief. Good luck! :lol:

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That is a solid point :) you have given me much to consider. Did you have any fear taking these drugs? or any reactions?

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