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Hi, Random Update



I really don't know how many people stumble upon my locked main thread, my gallery, or this blog thing. But for those of you who are reading this... hi! I haven't made any updates here in well over a year, and honestly acne as a whole is not something that I've really concerned myself with in the last year. I still worry about my skin overall a bit, but I've become ridiculously relaxed over my skin and I've even started wearing makeup again and not freaking out when I get zits.

Anyways, why did I log back in? To be honest, I had no reason. I just impulsively typed the website into my browser, logged in after retrieving my account info, and decided to post some updates. I'm spending much more time focusing on losing body fat to help me reach my goal physique (like this or this or even this) and on worrying about what to do with my life after university, so I've not really thought about this website in ages.

But since I am here, let's proceed to the updates!

Condition of my skin

How has my skin changed since early-mid 2013 to now? Well, it's become less sensitive, significantly less congested, no longer gets as dehydrated, and looks/feels more supple. I still break out, and probably will always be acne-prone, but any zits I do get clear up easily as long as I don't pick at them. I can even get substances I know break me out on my skin and the breakout will either be very small or it won't appear at all, so my skin has become more resilient. I just need to learn to stop picking and any skin problems I have will probably clear up with that.

What is my routine?

My last blog post was about going Caveman, in the I-am-absolutely-not-putting-anything-on-my-face sense. I honestly have no idea how long that lasted, and I no longer utilize a Caveman routine. However, I still don't use skincare products or acne products. When I started dabbling with makeup again in late 2013, I knew I needed to find a way to remove the makeup without irritating my skin, which meant that I did need to alter my skincare routine.

Cleanse: Rinse with water. No schedule, no rituals, I really don't even think about it anymore, it just happens. How often? Well... like I said, no schedule. I shower as often as daily or as little as 3x a week, and that's usually the only time I potentially get my face wet. I may rub my face a bit, or get it wet for a split second, or it may be under the water most of the shower.

Makeup Removal: Modified OCM. Massage oil over my skin and wipe off with a wet cotton pad. This is done as needed of course, but I've easily slept in my makeup or just rinsed the bulk of it off with water in the shower when I'm super lazy. Eye makeup is removed with a regular remover as oil on the eye area feels uncomfortable for me. Currently use avocado and apricot oil, also trying out sweet almond oil.

Moisturizing: As with cleansing, there is no schedule. I dampen my hands and then put a few drops of oil into them and massage over my face. I'll usually end up applying a bit before my foundation and maybe after makeup removal or cleansing, but I can easily wind up going weeks without using oil to moisturize (or for OCM) without any real changes in my skin. It mostly just keeps my skin feeling softer and looking more glowy.

Exfoliating: I don't do it. Skin is much happier for it.

And that's about it. My approach to skincare is ridiculously lazy, all of these steps are optional basically. Skin is still fairly nice, I don't worry about it, I'm no longer self-conscious, etc. I also am always touching my face, I lay my face on whatever, I let others touch my face (unless wearing makeup), I have even used body butter on my face in desperation before back when I was still exfoliating and had mad "rug burn" so to speak.

That's about it. Some new pics in my gallery, check them out if you'd like. I'm unlikely to come back here for... who knows how long. Maybe never again? You can find me on makeupalley.com as ashleyanders if you need to contact me though.


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